Celts Hold off Rockets, 94-87

The Celtics played a solid game for 48 minutes, holding off the Rockets on a couple of different occasions to hang on for the win.
  • The Celtics defense in the first half was similar to 2 years ago.  For awhile I forgot Kevin Martin was even out there he was so stifled.
  • Good minute management by Doc Rivers, no starter playing more than Ray Allen's 36.
  • KG, Ray and Paul with 15, 19 and 26 points respectively.  I think there may be some truth to that formula of the Celtics needing those 3 guys to score over 15 points in the same game.
  • Rajon only had 2 points but contributed with 10 assists and intense defense on Aaron Brooks for the game.  I felt him keeping Brooks in check was a key to controlling the tempo of this game.
  • Do you think Rocket's assistant Jack Sikma ever has an urge to get out there, even if he doesn't have that blonde perm anymore?  His fundamentals were better than most of the Rockets; he must cringe seeing someone like Chuck Hayes being forced to play center because of overexpansion (thanks David Stern, yet again).
  • Sometimes I think Glen Davis should just give the ball to the opposing team when he gets the ball under the basket on offensive rebounds.  In other words, every 10 times just hand them the ball 5 out of them, to speed the game up and prevent your shot from getting blocked.  The other 5, I guess give it a shot.  Seriously I don't quite understand how Pierce is able to get his shot off inside while Davis is routinely blocked; neither jump very high.
  • Clyde Drexler wondered if the Rockets have ever won a jump ball; sort of like how I wonder if the Celtics have ever gotten a clear path foul call for themselves (not applicable tonight but keep that in mind for games in the future).
Unfortunately the Hawks won at the buzzer tonight (thanks Stephen Jackson for ruining  my night and missing 2 clutch free throws down the stretch) so Boston couldn't gain any ground.  However for anyone who had the Houston feed note that the comment made by the Rockets announcer about the Hawks having the tie breaker over the Celtics if they finish with the same record is actually incorrect; if the Celtics win their division, that trumps the head-to-head, so Boston will finish in 3rd.

Solid win tonight that they really needed since I expect the next 2 games vs Dallas and Utah to be considerably tougher.