Why Boston isn't a hot spot for free agents

Is this the best we can do?

As I sit here watching the second blizzard this week paralyze the D.C area, I couldn't help thinking that this kind of weather is common place in Boston.  Maybe not quite to this extent, but winter in Boston is not what you would call pleasant.  This is one of the main reasons big time free agents don't want to come here. Places like Miami, L.A, Orlando, or even a place like Dallas are often times more attractive to would be free agents. Even New York is attractive because of the spotlight and endoresment money to be made.

Instead Boston gets the guys at the end of their careers(i.e. Sheed), who either want to prove they can still play or just want a title.  At least now they get those guys. Before all they had to offer was a tradition of excellence and history. Which brings me to my next point.  It seems that now a days tradition and history isn't as important as making money.  You think Lebron would want to go to the Knicks if they were from Oklahoma City? It is a "what have you done for me lately" kind of world and past history and tradition just doesn't matter as much.

You also can't discount the race angle here.  Boston has a reputation for being a city that isn't friendly to African Americans. I think stereotypes like that are ridiciulous by the way, but that is what Boston is perceived to be. Since the NBA is about 70% African American, it makes sense that free agents wouldn't be flocking here.  The sad truth of the matter is if Kevin Mchale wasn't the GM of the Twolves and the Celtics didn't give away half their team, we still woudln't have landed any top flight players. KG wasn't even a free agent, and was not exactly thrilled to come here at first, but has grown to love the city.

Personally, I think Boston is a perfect place to play basketball.  Say what you want about them being negative, but few sports fans embrace a champion like people in Boston.  Let's hope that after the Big 3 retire, Boston can start being a more appealing place to come for the game's elite.