Musings from All Star Weekend

Way to go Scal!

Chris Tucker would've been an all-time legend if he died after Friday- the more you see him now, the less funny he is....Who knew that Robert Horry spent every spare minute at Steak-n-Shake since retiring from the Spurs...Rappaport winning MVP of the celebrity game must've made Scalabrine proud....Remember when the Rookie-Soph Game was just a Rookie Game?  The NBA finally realized that wouldn't last because guys like Cliff Rozier, George Zidek,  Roy Rogers and Michael Stewart were in an all-star like event... Not sure what was more embarrassing: The Dunk In Contest Itself or Cheryl Miller's emphatic announcing of "The First Annual Dunk Innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn"...Way to fuck something else up TNT, turning the HORSE contest into a 3 point shooting contest for the "purposes of time."  Just like you don't show the start of the second game of a doubleheader on Thursday night by throwing it on TBS (since the first game never fits the allotted time) it's great ending the HORSE contest with a shootout between Kevin Durant and Rajon Rondo....Kudos to Charles Barkley for calling Omri Casspi "Omar".....Does anyone actually watch the Shooting Stars competition?  NBA should replace that with a 5 on 5 lingerie bowl type event with the cheerleaders....Please, please retire the dunk contest forever.  Or allow the players to wear those space shoes that allow them to jump 20 feet in the air.  Or better yet, turn it into an annual dunk contest on a 7'0 rim between Kevin Harlan and Craig Sager...The NBA: Where Fucking Up All Star Weekend is an annual tradition.