Celtics open up a can on Blazers

After our win against the college aged Kings on Tuesday and the Kobe less Lakers last night it wasn't time to get excited about the post all-star break Celtics yet. Until today. They spanked the Oregon out of the Blazers. Ray Allen found the fountain of youth on some island over the break and we're ready to make some noise now. 96-76 easy win.
  • Glen Davis was huge. 10 points and 2 big charges.
  • Ray looks at ease now that the deadline is over. His shot is ON. Now that his contract has no value trade wise, the smart move will be to resign him in the Summer. 21 points tonight. 
  • Scal might have thrown the worst inbounds pass ever. Glad he was subbed in for that final 4 seconds of the 3rd. And you wonder why Ainge didn't get a plethora of offers for him?
  • Celtics sure love their technicals. One each on 'Sheed, Perk, and Rondo tonight. The first two will be seeing one game suspensions pretty soon.
  • I think by TB's count. Rasheed had 7 "Ball Don't Lies" in the game.
  • Our all-stars got some much needed rest. KG, Rajon and Paul with 22, 31, and 26 minutes respectively.
  • Brandon Roy was a surprise return to Portland's line-up, but didn't look healthy at all. 9 points only.
  • Shelden Williams is in fact alive and saw the floor for the final two garbage minutes.
  • Blazers simply looked lousy, but the Celtics get a lot of credit for a solid all around effort on the back end of the back to back (Someone please edit this, so it doesn't say "back" three times. Thanks).
A win Sunday afternoon would be huge. Looks like Nate Robinson does in fact have the flu and shouldn't be available until Tuesday. Denver won't be easy, but Celtics fans should be feeling more confident right now then they have in several weeks.