Bobcats own Cavs

The Bobcats have swept the season series against the Cavs with their 17 point win tonight. The NBA is a crazy league. A league where the Bobcats can lose twice at home to the putrid Nets, but have the Cavs number. Oh and by the way, the athletic forward I wanted the Celtics to add, but who the Bobcats got for a measly first rounder... yeah well Tyrus came off the bench in his Bobcats debut and chipped in 9 points, 12 rebounds, and 6 blocks.

It's not that hard Danny. The Wizards are offering Caron Butler for an expiring contract. The Mavs aren't willing to make the deal unless they also get Haywood. Well you offer Ray for Butler and the deal is done. Give them a little more and they'll buy out Ray even. Your team's front court athleticism rivals a senior citizen home and the Bulls are willing to trade their uber-athletic former lottery pick forward for a first rounder, but you don't make the move. Absolutely awesome. (CelticsLife: Where tangents happen).

Here's to a Cavs/Bobcats matchup in the playoffs.