Top 10 Most Hated NBA Players

We polled the experts here at Celticslife, tallied the numbers, and here you have the ten most hated players in the NBA today:

1. Kobe Bryant
2. Sasha Vucajic
3. Joakim Noah
4. Mo Williams
5. Anderson Varejao
6. Pau Gasol
7. LeBron James
8. Ron Artest
9. Derek Fisher
10. Gilbert Arenas

Five Lakers in there, not much of a surprise.  For me personally, Derek Fisher was number 1.  The dirtiest player in the league, I lost all respect for him when he thanked Utah by letting him out of his contract to go & sign with one of their most hated enemies.  Hey Derek, New York has some of the best doctors in the world for your child's problem.  In fact where did you fly back from to Utah when you made the emergency trip for your child?  Oh right a medical center in New York.

Enough of my tangent, who do you hate the most?