JR Giddens' Twitter

Are you kidding me?  This guy Kyle Schnitzer has a problem with JR's twitter post?  Here's part of his post:

After tonight's victory, Guard J.R. Giddens made an immature post on Twitter; stating, “just got another big road win... 2 down 2 to go.. san ant here we cum...” Cum? You mean come, right? Two problems I have with the post, Giddens had 65 characters left in his tweet. He could have easily added maybe an inspirational message to all his fans, but that followed his tweet.

The second problem I have is how athletes abuse the power of social networks. Sure, it's great to see an athlete active with the public.
However when one acts in such a way, you tarnish your character as well as the organization you play for.
Maybe I'm overreacting, but when you have 343 followers on Twitter, you don't think one follower wouldn't realize that? Come on J.R, you're better than this.

Yep ya know what Schnitzer?  You are overreacting.  JR's immature? I think you're an ass for even writing on this.

This comes from Bleacher Report, a site I normally don't even look at.  This article is an excellent reason why I don't look at it.

And in actuality, Schnitzer, you're better than that!