Where is that Celtic Pride?

The Celtics have lacked energy this year. They don't seem to have the desire to win that I expected after a disappointing end to last season. Sure it's early, but the Warriors had no business being in the game as long as they were last night. The Celtics need to get back to the hard nosed defensive team they used to be.

This all starts with Rondo. Rondo took over in the second half yesterday, as he could almost every game. The question is why doesn't he? I love Rondo and think he is a great player, but it is time for him to be more of a leader on the court. No one can stop this guy off the dribble. I think one of the reasons he hasn't been more aggressive is because of his terrible foul shooting. I don't care if it’s early, 25% from the free throw line is unacceptable for an NBA player, much less a point guard. I never have understood how any NBA player can shoot less than 70% from the line. They have the privilege to play the game they love, and they won't even practice their free throws?

You saw last night that the Celtics dominate when Rondo starts playing aggressively. Say what you want about the big 3, but Rondo makes them go. Aside from turnovers and Toine (I mean Rasheed's), reckless three point shooting, I like what they are doing offensively on a whole. I think Garnett is coming into form, and Pierce is having one of his best shooting year’s percentage wise of his career. I also love the way Sheldon Williams is playing on the glass, and Nasty Daniels's intangibles in the limited time he is on the court.

The defense is where the Celtics have been lacking. Their trademark is the defensive side of the ball, yet they've let teams score at will on them the past 6 games or so. This is a result of both a lack of effort and desire on the Celtics part. Look, the NBA season is a marathon not a sprint, but you don't want to be starting bad habits because they can be hard to break. The vets on this team need to realize that the time to win is now because they aren't getting any younger.

The Celtics have this year, next year, and maybe the year after to get another title. However, at this rate they will be lucky to get to the conference finals. The Eastern Conference looks as good as it ever has this year, and the Celtics can't just expect to turn it on when they feel like it. For them to be considered a legendary Celtics team, one championship is not enough.