The Problem with the Shot Clock

Since the shot clock's invention, the NBA changed forever- for the better.  No more milking the clock, dribbling out time.  No more standing still and winning games 11 to 10.  It evolved from being on the side of the floor to over the basket to having 3 sides so everyone can see it from every part of the arena.  Well it's time to make a change and it boggles my mind how no one talks about it.

When will tenths of a second be added to it?  This change needs to be made and be made soon.

For example when there's 1 second showing on the clock, that actually could mean 1.9 seconds or it could mean 0.1 seconds.  In a game predicated on seconds how is it possible that neither the offensive or defensive team knows just how much time is left on the clock?  The difference between 1.9 and 0.1 seconds is almost 2 full seconds!  In basketball that's an eternity!

No need to have the tenths of a second for the game clock until it's under a minute.  But the shot clock?  Should definitely have it and it should be implemented asap...