Wyc: "I've had enough of 'Big Baby,' so I'm going to start calling him Glen"

Globe is reporting that Glen Davis will be out 3-4 months. Owner, Wyc Grousbeck is none too happy and plans on suspending Davis. This is similar to the Monta Ellis moped situation where an owner who just gave a young player a new contract doesn't want to pay the player while he rehabs his careless injury. Expect Davis to be suspended without pay, while he's out. They probably should of done the same thing with Tony after he injured himself in the diner debacle.

3-4 months is a long time, but if Davis can be back by February the C's will manage. Scal will move back to his natural "undersized" power forward position and Shelden will get a shot at some minutes as well. Let's hope Baby's on the treadmill daily while his thumb heals. I don't think we should give up on Davis because of this at all. It's frustrating, but stuff happens sometimes. I'm sure he's extremely down himself. Let's hope for a speedy recovery.

Update via Herald :
A shirtless Glen “Big Baby” Davis and his “best friend” Shawn Bridgewater - a former teammate of the Celtics forward on the University High basketball team in Baton Rouge, La. - emerged bleeding from their noses after a fight inside a black SUV in Waltham Monday morning, the Herald has learned.
The incident fractured Davis’ right thumb just two days before tonight’s season opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Davis had surgery on the thumb today and is expected to miss the next six weeks.
According to the police report obtained by the Herald, Davis claimed his allegedly drunken childhood pal was “continually bothering his girlfriend,” Jenna Gomez.