It's Only 1 Game

Yes it's only one game- seasons turn out very differently from what happens on opening night.  Off the top of my head the 1991 Bulls began 0-3.  They won 61 games and a title.  The 1998 Bulls lost opening night to the Celtics with the Evil Emperor as coach- they won 62 games and an NBA Title.  Last year's Celtics won on opening night and won 27 of their first 29 and didn't win the title.

Yes Rasheed looked good and so did Marquis.  Shelden Williams, despite hands of stone, looked solid himself.  But I can't help getting a bit giddy over this one.  They hadn't won in Cleveland in awhile.  Anthony Parker missed crucial shots.  Shaq still can't defend the pick and roll at the 3 point line.  Williams and Varejeao had career years last year and in my opinion, played way over their head; they can't duplicate that again this year.

Yes it's only 1 game.  But it's a pretty sweet win.

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