NBA News: Potential Suspension for Lamar Odom?

This whole Odom/Kardashian marriage can only be good news for Celtics fans. Just adds more soap opera drama to LakerLand. Not sure who Brooks is, but from sportBYbrooks:
Could Lamar’s basketball career go up in smoke? At a Labor Day house party in Malibu, the Lakers forward openly lit up and — puffed away! “You could smell it — it was definitely marijuana,” and insider claims. “It was really strong! Lamar was smoking and sharing the joint with other people.”
They're quoting from Star Magazine, so not exactly the best source, but between the pic, Odom's drug history, and getting involved with the B-List  Hollywood Kardashians, Odom has great potential to implode. And as we've mentioned several times here before, now that he has the contract, don't expect maximum effort (He also looked a little out of shape during the practice streamed. Blame it on the munchies).