NBA News: Shaq Claims the Cavs are Better than his 3 Peat Lakers

From Dime Magazine:
You knew Shaq would go about his regular practice of burning bridges and overzealously talking up his new team/teammates at some point, but doing it before the regular season even starts was a surprise. In a recent interview, Shaq said the Cavs are, “Probably the best team I’ve ever played on, on paper anyway. I’ve always been on management to get me the power forward I’ve needed and the shooters I’ve needed.”
 Never been a fan of the "Big Mouth." It will be sweet when the C's bounce the Cavs out of the playoffs. Then we can say this team was better than the crummy Laker dynasty of the early 2000's. My prediction: The Suns will improve their record this year without Shaq, while the Cavs will have a worse record (even with the additions of Parker and Moon as well) than they had last year and even with Stern desperately trying to get Lebron back in the Finals, they won't make it.