NBA News: Are the Clippers going to actually be good this year?

Davis and Gordon in the backcourt. Thornton and Griffin at the forwards. Camby in the middle. Kaman as the 6th man. Interesting squad. Baron seems to think they're going to be good this yr.  RealGM:
"Something's brewing," he said. "You know what I mean? There's an energy ... a different kind of energy here from what we had last year. There were no expectations last year. Now we've got expectations and a different kind of energy."
I'm not sure this team has less talent then the Golden State squad Baron led past the Mavs a couple years back. If he's motivated and healthy (Should really increase the font on the word "If" two or three fold), we might be in for a shocker. If they could make the playoffs this year, that would be twice in only the past thirteen years. Parade time in L.A. (only basketball parade Los Angeles can look forward to in the Spring).