Who is that Armond Hill guy?

You've seen him on the bench looking dapper besides Doc Rivers.  But do you know anything about Armond Hill?

After graduating from Bishop Ford in Brooklyn (a school I played basketball against in high school) Hill went on to play at Princeton under Pete Caril.  He was named Ivy League player of the year as a senior in 1976.  (By the way can anyone think of another Ivy League player besides Hill, Chris Dudley and Matt Maloney to play in the NBA?  I'm trying to think...)

He then played 8 seasons from 1976 to1984, playing for the Atlanta Hawks and Milwaukee Bucks amongst others, whereas you can see in the basketball card above, he was still allowed to wear a chain while playing lol.

In 1991 Hill returned to Princeton as an assistant under Carril and in 1995 became head coach at Columbia University. He had a disastrous 8 seasons at Columbia (who probably kept him because what former NBA player would be interested in coaching Columbia?) and his last year before being fired his team went 2-25.

Despite that horrific record, Hill got a chance to become an assistant for the Hawks before joining the C's in 2005.

After winning the 2008 title, I wonder what the athletic department at Columbia thinks of him now...