The streak is over, for better or worse.
It was fun while it lasted, and who knows, the Boston Celtics might reel off a new one before the season is over with the way they have been playing, but last night they just didn't have it in them to keep it rolling. The Miami Heat came in aggressive and determined, and the Celts looked tired, dazed, and sloppy.

Almost all the elements were there for another big comeback win; gritty defensive performances cutting down a huge lead, Kyrie Irving, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum having big nights (23, 14 and 18 points each, respectively, with seven boards thrown in for Tatum to boot) - only Al Horford was having an off night among the usual starters with seven points and nine boards to his credit. The bounce betrayed Boston at the end, with Dion Waiters hitting a dagger trey late in the fourth to seal the win the Cs handed to them with a lucky bounce off the backboard.
That's not to say they didn't earn it in Miami - they most certainly did. A scrappy, young team relying on good coaching and better chemistry out-Bostoned Boston, perhaps imbued with a touch of Kelly Olynyk vibes if not production (actually, I take it back - his production was very Kelly Olynyk at six points and rebounds each). 

At some point, a streak like the Celtics' becomes its own opponent, players daring themselves to see just how little they can give and still make it go - sometimes without even knowing it. I suppose a little credit is due to Goran Dragic, brother of Celtic great Zoran (I kid - about the "great" part, anyway - Goran's 26 points and five boards were key in sinking Boston).
I'm not saying they didn't try, mind you, just that the intensity and focus that made it a thing in the first place becomes impossible to sustain, consciously or no. It was a good run.

Now, let's go get another.

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