The Boston Celtics ventured south yesterday and came out with a nice win in Miami, making it the team's fourth straight victory. The score was 96-90. Rookie Jayson Tatum had another impressive game, finishing with 20 points on six-of-nine shooting, and pulling down five rebounds in addition. Marcus Smart shot better than we're used to seeing. He went for 50% from the field and finished with 16 points, 4 rebounds, and 4 assists. Kyrie Irving finally showed up and closed out a game. He scored 9 of his 24 points in the last two minutes of the game.

Pre-game impressions 

Scheduled loss

Don't suck. Limit winslow's minutes.

Olynyk revenge game, we got this

Any word on if Bam is getting another start or significant minutes?

Hope we whip your ass.

I don't wanna get sonned by Al Horford. He hits 3s now and it's really annoying!

This game starts after my bedtime. Can we have 5 o clock starts from now on?

C's have one of the best 3 point D, doubt we can win without Hassan
would be a statement win, lets go!

Jordan Mickey Mouse going to put a second butthole in those Celtics leprechauns

Easy Win.

Arena looks empty , freaking Miami people are always late

revenge game incoming

Missing Hassan Whiteside

So Hassan Whiteside is out again, his injury must be worse than what they are telling us. Another L incoming. 2-3

I like Goatsides suit tonight

I really really miss Hassan

Whiteside has his flaws too, but yeah outside of him, Bam, Richardson and Winslow at times, this team is bad.

Missing Hassan badly...

Game 7 Kelly?

Please free The Kelly Olynyk.

olynick is ass as center, please make a change spo.

all i know is that boy needs to cut his nasty hair. he needs a good crew cut and a shave, and some discipline

Olynyk is not a good option at the 5 - better off seeing where Spud Webb is these days.
we got this, lets go heat!

I think as Heat fans, were going to experience some of the frustration you guys felt with Oly. He's got serious skill, but he has the mind of a role player. Expect him to go off at times. Maybe tonight

Kelly O gonna carry us tonight aint he

Kelly just needs to shoot it, stop pump faking and driving into defense with no where to go.

Kelly makes two nice plays then two dumb turnovers... then repeat...

Game time: early criticism

Good sign Waiters is scoring early

Trying to tell some of y'all. It's not even the shooting. Winslow can't finish.

9-2 run wtf

not looking good, tbh

Da hell are you doing Waiters

Time to move Waiters. He sucks

We need a SF like Tatum

offense is broken

Celtics got this team figured out early. Wouldn’t shock me if these guys are getting blown out by halftime. We suck

Knew Dion was going to do something dumb. Riley please trade him

I just DVR rewinded back to Winslow missed layup. OMG that was horrific.

This team needs a trade though. Riley is my guy, but he’s SENILE and CRAZY as hell if he thinks this current squad is anything more than a 7/8 seed and first round exit

Marcus starts hitting

I really hate that bitch ass Smart, disgusting player.

Torched by Marcus Smart. Gross.

Smart, if this can be consistent, watch out.

Marcus Smart, is the most garbage good player ever seen. One game he is garage then the next he kicking ass

Marcus Smart has a head like a pitbull

Things start to look up

Good run here late. So much more space with Olynyk at C. Waiters on the bench is also a big plus.

Relax people we are only down by a few points , we got this

Whether we are or aren't this team is beside the point, it's too early to freak out... If we should be freaking out at all even

Love this team

5 minutes left , let’s go miami , we can do this

nice come back lets see if it sticks

Final minutes

I know people will use the excuse “it’s early” but this team look bad. Spo looks nervous, like he doesn’t have 10+ years coaching. I’m worried. Hassan coming back isn’t going to solve most of the problems. This team isn’t good.

We suck.

I truly believe that Miami has a set of low IQ players

Capped out 8/9 seed team. As a fan i’m dissapointed in this on court product. Don’t want to hear, “it’s early”.

Ellington drunk.

Atleast you can see one thing, Dragic isn’t a leader. He’s running around with his tail inbetween his legs too.

Someone needs to pop in the Shia Labouf inspirational video for the team.

we phucked up hard to end this game smfh

Sooner or later Kyrie was gonna ether us. He lives for these moments

Krie's bad shooting kept the Heat in the game for so long. Heat took too long to capitalize on all his misses.

Lol. Pathetic team, had 2 days off.

wish we brought back last years team.

3 points attempts killed this team If the Heat tries conventional 2s instead of the whopping 3 avalanche of attempts, they could very well be winning

How cna one have dumb turnovers, dumb shots and not rebound in the last minute of the game

How am I supposed to troll the Celtics now smh.

Do we own our pick? Asking for a friend

In before Kyrie goes all "layup king" against us.

Kyrie should of signed with us

We got the T'Wolves next game? Gulp That's a loss

This upcoming roadtrip. Lord jesus

Worst comment of the night

They got annoying fanbase that bitches about refs while they get all the calls. They also got worst commentator in Tommy.

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