As the Mavericks have floundered to the bottom of the Western Conference - dead last at 11 and 27 - Andrew Bogut knows his days in Dallas are numbered. Bogut spoke with reporters at his team's shoot-around before their game with Phoenix last Thursday. He noted that with as bad as the Mavs have been, he can see the writing on the wall. Via Mark Fisher of DallasBasketball.com:

"I've been in this league long enough," said Bogut during the morning shoot-around. “I’m an expiring contract. I haven't asked for a trade. But I know in this league with 11-24, I was being honest. There's a chance that I get traded. … The Mavs eventually have to start rebuilding. There's no point bringing back a 33-year-old center if you're in rebuild mode."

Bogut wanted to make clear that he has not in any way asked to be traded, even going as far as saying he would prefer to stay for "personal reasons", but he knows exactly how the NBA works. He's a desirable asset, and it makes total sense for the Mavs to get what they can for him, while they can:

“Obviously,’’ as Bogut said, “if they can get some picks back and build for the future by trading a few of their veteran guys, I could be one of them. Now, emphasis on ‘could.’ I'm not saying I've gone in and asked for a trade, which I haven't. But I also haven't gone to management and begged them not to trade me. I'm just waiting to see what happens."

Asked if he ultimately thinks he'll be in Dallas next year:

"No," Bogut said frankly about him being in Dallas next year. “If you're asking me today and I had to put my house on it, I'd say no just because if there was an opportunity for me to come back, there would have been at least extension talks, which I'm not bitter about. I'm not mad about. That's just the reality of it. It's the writing on the wall. … I very much highly doubt I'll be back here next season just because I'm an expiring contract and I'm a free agent. I just don't see it."

Bogut could be a huge addition wherever he ends up, but he could be particularly effective in Boston. The position the C's need upgraded more than any other is the center spot, sorry Amir. Right now they sit at 26th in the NBA in rebounding. Bogut averages 9.1 per game in just 23 minutes a game. He's a very good defender, and he's a seasoned vet who's got a lot of playoff games under his belt. He was big part of a Golden State Warriors team that has played in the past two NBA finals, winning one.

Maybe the best part about Bogut is that he is not going to cost a ton to acquire. The Cleveland Cavaliers just snagged Kyle Korver from Atlanta for a 1st-round pick and spare parts - that pick is essentially a 2nd-round pick because Cleveland will likely be 29th or 30th in the draft order - and I would argue he should command more than Bogut on the market; however, that depends entirely on the demand throughout the league, and a veteran big man like Bogut could be desired by a lot of teams in the hunt. I like him a lot because I think the Celtics can acquire him and not give up anything of considerable value, and he fills a massive need on the boards.

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