In case you missed it, yesterday evening Isaiah Thomas sent off a rather ambiguous tweet that you can find it featured below.

Since it's NBA Draft season, and therefore also prime season for NBA trades and rumors - this simply couldn't just be a throw away tweet. This wasn't just as excitement for the upcoming draft, in which Isaiah's team own their fair share of picks, this was clearly something much, much bigger.

But what? We're not sure here at CelticsLife. But make no qualms about it, we're definitely not afraid to speculate without any factual information to support our hypothesis':

Topher Lane: The Celtics had sent Isaiah as the ambassador to Chicago to win the hearts of the Bulls front office and to convince them to send Jimmy Butler to Boston, but they inadvertently traded D Rose to New York in a costly pocket-dial by Bulls GM Gar Foreman.

Since, Foreman has rescinded his offer to trade Butler to the Celtics, and Brad Stevens and Fred Hoiberg are about to have a Shakespearean fight to the death for the star player.

Isaiah will be live tweeting the duel.

Brenton Bauerle: Isaiah Thomas lays down his phone after sending a cryptic tweet, chanting a hymn in pig latin as a cigar burns in a candle holder in front of a portrait of Red Auerbach.

"Please make Larry give us PG-13," Isaiah begged the portrait. He thought he saw it wink. Maybe he shouldn't have drank the kool-aid Kelly got from Burning Man before the ceremony. Maybe it was the inhalation of the other ten cigars he had burned.

Either way, it was definitely getting real.

Eric Blaisdell: It couldn't be more clear what Thomas was talking about. He knows a big trade is about to go down with Boston. It can only mean Jimmy Butler. He also knows that with Butler in tow, Kevin Durant and Al Horford are guaranteed to sign with the Celtics. Let LeBron have his fun now, because his chances at winning another ring next season just went out the window. That's real.

Jack Pilgrim:
Absolutely no talk has been about DeMarcus Cousins, one of the guys that is almost ALWAYS included in trade rumors. Isaiah's tweet is about him joining forces with Boogie again in Boston for a trade centered around the 3rd pick. Cousins is the best center in the NBA, and under Stevens, he would lead the C's to #18. There's my theory.

MattDotRich: Oh this ones easy, we're drafting Kris Dunn.

And sure, a lot of people will question Dunn's fit next to Thomas, and why Isaiah would be excited to play next to yet another point guard. But this isn't about basketball at all.

Those who have been following Isaiah for a while already know this. But for those who don't, I'll let you in the know. Isaiah Thomas is a huge fan of early to mid 90's professional wrestling. Drafting Kris Dunn may help the Celtics on the court, he might not. But it will definitely help him accomplish his long awaited goal of forming a modern day version of mid 90's WWF tag division staple, Well Dunn.

MattDotRich 6/23/2016 08:26:00 AM Edit
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