The Boston Celtics took care of the Lakers last night with an impressive win, 107-100. With the win, the Cs also clinched a playoff berth for the second consecutive season and are in a tie for third place in the East with Atlanta. Man it was good to get revenge on the Lakers for the bad loss we had back in December. Let's take a look at what some Lakers fans had to say:

Top Three:

I bet you could fit the entire collective IQ of our coaching staff + vitti into Brad Steven's IQ and still have room leftover for the 76ers coaching staff

It saddens and disgusts me to see where Boston is at and how they play, versus whatever it is this team does on the basketball court. Pathetic. The entire organization should be embarrassed

The good news that we are 3 more loses away from clinching the second worst record in the league, and worst in the Western conference. (Editors Note: Pathetic)

Most Obscure Comment of the Night:

Zeller kind of looks like Kevin Love.

Best of the Rest:

I have zero confidence Kobe will go out with a W against Utah. This team is just terrible. Kobe busted his butt out there and they still laid down like chumps. You could tell Kobe wanted this game against the hated Celtics.

this boston team would give GSW a run for their money in a 7 game series. They might not have offensive firepower, but man are they well coached.

Damn even when kobe misses it's exciting

Really hoping for a win tonight, hate losing to these Boston scum. BUCK FOSTON

If Russell played as well as he snapchats then we'd be fine

Damn this little midget Isaiah is good

If we had Stevens as our coach, we'd be so good.

So glad the Celts took smart instead of Randle. Smart looks like a freak and idiot with that hair

Who is allegedly guarding IT? :(

Clarkson has regressed so much. IT is running around him in circles


Hibbert is so useless it's astonishing

MAN I want to cut Crowder's stupid hair so bad, but he is good I"ll give him that

It pisses me off how no one is guarding this little midget Isaiah. I hate him so much

Byron Scott is a loser

Welp, should've known we'd lose this game, we just suck and Stevens is the next Phil

I HATE BOSTON, hope they get swept in the first round

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Kevin Yazhari 4/04/2016 09:30:00 AM Edit
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