Reportedly David Lee and Steph Curry had dinner together last night. The former teammates are obviously close friends, but there had to have been some awkward moments. Not the least of which was probably when the waiter dropped the check after 45 minutes or so and Lee got upset because he would prefer more dinner time.

From Lee's perspective it has to be like going to dinner with an ex-girlfriend who is clearly doing WAY better than when you were together. Not that Curry wishes any ill will on Lee, but it had to be difficult not to just talk about how he is peaking as an athlete, and capturing the NBA fans attention like nobody in recent memory. If I was Lee, I would have paid for the meal just to remind Curry that I was making $4 million more than him this season. Power move.

Even though Lee has been up and down, with minutes and production, since he came to Boston, his last performance was great and he is hot heading into this game. Still, it has to be difficult to see the team you just won a championship with on an absolute tear, turning the game upside down, and adding to the already existing media circus following them with each win.

The Celtics have a lot to be proud of too though. They are playing well in an Eastern Conference where every game is a battle, and with the records of ten teams being within a couple games of each other for those top 8 playoff spots, every game is important. Lee has certainly had a few moments too, despite not really fitting at times. It remains to be seen where he fits on this team, but you know he will show up ready to play tonight.

Hopefully Lee and the Celtics can use that as motivation to knock the Warriors off their pedestal tonight. Curry did say it would be weird to face Lee, and that he will know all of Golden State's sets, so we've got that going for us.

One last thing here. I have attended the Warriors games at the Garden the last two years. I noticed a lot more Warriors fans last year, and I didn't like how vocal they were. If you're at the Garden tonight, MAKE SOME NOISE. Don't let these StubHubbing flavor of the week bandwagon jumpers hurt our home court.

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Chris Thompson 12/11/2015 03:56:00 PM Edit
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