With relatively the same appeal as a 400 pound, unemployed man trying to pick up Kate Upton by simply approaching and saying 'Boom', the New York Knicks continue to express that they're interested in acquiring the Boston Celtics relatively young, All Star Point Guard despite not having anything to offer.

The latest of this endless saga, comes from Marc Stein:

The New York Knicks are attempting to acquire a point guard ahead of the deadline.

The Knicks' long-term target at point guard is believed to be Rajon Rondo.

The Knicks have attempted to engage the Boston Celtics on trade talks on Rondo, but they lack the depth of assets to complete a trade.

The Toronto Raptors and Sacramento Kings are also interested in Rondo.

We've gone down this road quite a few times. Mike Dyer covered it pretty well in a piece that reviewed what was the absolute best offer the Knicks could make. The Knicks don't have anything to offer (unless their prospective trade partner was really into JD & The Straight Shot). To the point where you'd have to wonder if Danny Ainge is wondering if it's time to just outright block the Knicks' phone number.

Regardless, as long as they keep calling the Celtics, we'll keep reporting it, after an extended period of time laughing at the Knicks' expense.

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MattDotRich 2/18/2014 01:30:00 PM Edit
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