Could the Celtics be done dealing?

From Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio:

"Interestingly, league executives are suddenly saying they think the Boston Celtics will end up keeping their current roster intact and make the majority of any moves after the season."

Two weeks ago I would have said there was zero chance of this happening.  But with the trade deadline looming just over 48 hours away, it's seeming more and more like a real possibility.  I don't think any C's fans will complain if Boston hangs on to restricted free-agent Avery Bradley.  It's quite possible Danny Ainge has interest in re-signing Kris Humphries (obviously for much cheaper), who has said he'd like to stay in Boston.  Maybe there is truth to to the rumor the Celtics want to keep Jeff Green as part of their rebuilding.  And as far as Brandon Bass goes, there's not much Ainge can do if other teams just aren't interested.

I'd still guess we see Boston make a deal more likely than not, but it no longer feels like an absolute certainty.

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