Bucher idea: Rajon Rondo to Warriors for Harrison Barnes and Klay Thompson?

Bleacher Report's, Ric Bucher is reporting that both the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets could be interested in making a play for Rajon Rondo before Thursday's trade deadline.

According to Bucher both the Warriors and Rockets are a player away from contending for a championship and the Warriors would need to give up Harrison Barnes and Klay Thompson to land Rondo.

He thinks the Rockets would have to part with Omer Asik, Jeremy Lin and an unprotected first rounder:

Neither of those trades make sense to me especially the Golden State Rumor.

Giving up Barnes and Thompson would mean the Warriors losing 29 points a game on offense and two guys who shoot 41% from three point range on a combined nine plus a game.

Not to mention, Steph Curry is a player who likes to have the ball in his hands and dishes out 9 assists a game in his own right.

A Steph Curry for Rondo straight up deal makes a lot more sense because then Rondo could find the Warrior players like Thompson in his sweet spots as well as Barnes who is not the best at moving without the ball for spot ups.

Although, as I've stated before, Steph Curry is fun to watch and fills the seats but a team will never win a championship with his style of running the point guard position.

Hence, this is a trade I would never make.

However, if the Warriors are willing to give up both Barnes and Thompson I think the Celtics would consider it but this is a deal that most definitely would not make Golden State better.

The Rockets deal makes more sense especially considering they're already one of the league leaders in transition points and Rondo would only further augment that position.

The only problem is their main scorer, James Harden, not unlike Carmelo Anthony, gets a lot of his points on isos.

This means a player like Rondo whose specialty is finding players in rhythm and a position to score does not help Harden's game all that much.

Yes, Pierce was a great iso player when he needed to be but he could also move very well without the ball as can Harden.

However, once Rajon joined the team the Celtic offense eventually ran through Rondo.

Houston's offense runs primarily through Harden and this would be a huge adjustment for him playing with Rondo.

As Houston's Chandler Parsons noted a couple of weeks ago:
"We want him (Harden) back, obviously, for sure," Parsons said. "We know he's one of our best players, can score the ball. He's so good sometimes we go one-on-one, give him the ball a lot.

"When he's out, it's more of a balanced attack. Anybody can go off at any time. We run our sets thoroughly to get the best shot available. We still do that with him but let him go one-on-one or create other shots for us. Now, it's got to be a balanced attack."

Not to mention, the Celtics need a center but not at the price of their All-Star point guard. That's like stealing from Peter to pay Paul.

As a result, I see both of these rumors as a way for Bleacher Report to get some clicks and interest to their site but do not see either of them coming close to happening.

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