Celtics players sounded somber to irritated when being asked to discuss the trade of their friend and teammate Courtney Lee. Jared Sullinger sounded the most pissed to have to answer questions. The recurring theme was "It's a business." If I recall correctly, Courtney Lee wanted a bigger role and he'll get that in Memphis, so I think players should feel happy for him. But it definitely is a business on both ends. In the same Summer of 2012, you saw Ray Allen leave Boston to go to Miami to increase his chances of getting a 2nd ring and you also saw Courtney Lee and Jason Terry choose Boston due to recruiting by the Celtics stars and Doc Rivers. Well two of those stars have been traded, Doc has left, and Terry and Lee have now both been traded.

I guess the lesson learned here is that it's unfair to get on players to be loyal to a city or team, since things can change quickly and all of a sudden you're no longer wanted. The moment the Celtics decided to rebuild, Jason Terry and Courtney Lee became goners. Players and teams each do what's best for themselves. In the case of this trade both the player and team made out well. Best of luck to Courtney Lee and welcome Mr. Jerryd Bayless (and even more importantly Mr. Financial Felxibility and Mr. Trade Exception, because despite the lip service you'll hear about Bayless from the Celtics in the coming days, financial flexibility was the main acquisition of this trade).

Video courtesy of CSNNE.

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