Gary, Gary, Gary. While roundly rejected from everyone within the Celtics organization and his CSNNE colleagues, Gary Tanguay is backing his former colleague Donny Marshall on the potential deal that would send Rajon Rondo to Sacramento.

Tanguay lists "he's going to be a headache" as reasons to move Rondo, is positive that Isiah Thomas will prove to be a score-first point guard, and considers this deal that would include some youth, some picks, and "some other jamokes" to be a no-brainer.

Earlier this week Mike Dyer broken down exactly how this proposed trade would not work.

Aguila also has two first round picks heading from the Kings to the Celtics. Which is a problem considering Sacramento owes the Cavs a protected 2014 1st rounder. The pick is protected top 12 in 2014, and top 10 in 2015, 2016 and 2017 (if the Kings never pick outside the top ten, they give their 2017 2nd rounder to Cleveland instead). That means that the Kings cannot trade another first round pick until they trade a first to Cleveland. Considering you cannot trade first round picks in consecutive seasons, Sacramento is forbidden to trade picks until at least 2019. And thanks to the "Seven Year Rule", the furthest into the future a team can trade it's draft picks is 2020 (even though this season ends in 2014, the seven year rule is based on the year in which that season began). Since Sacramento cannot trade their pick until 2019, and can't trade their pick in consecutive seasons - it's impossible for them to trade two first round picks at this moment.

If that is the case, is jumping at a deal RIGHT NOW the best move possible?

As Tanguay's commentary is 100% opinion, let me break you off a piece of my own.

This trade is dumb.

To expand: Gary's opinion of getting rid of your most valued asset to ensure you get a top three pick is a LONG shot at best. There is no way to ensure a top three pick. There is only a best laid plan to possibly get a shot at getting a top three pick- and even then as Mark Vandeusen pointed out, it has a very low percentage chance at working out in your favor.

Why does Tanguay want this deal to happen so adamantly? I would guess it is because there would be a shit ton of talking points for him to get mileage out of. Miles and miles of content to milk out of a bad Celtics team. I can hear that voice in my head right now, "What's wrong with the Celtics? Why can't they buy a win? Is Brad Stevens the coach we thought he was?" No thanks, bro.

He goes on to question, "Do you think Danny Ainge wants to finish fifth, sixth, seventh for the next five years?" No, Gary, I don't think Danny Ainge wants that. Do you think that shipping your All-Star point guard- a guy who will be the key to facilitating the offense, a guy that is your best chance at attracting free agent talent- for potential talent that is currently in middle school, and a couple "jamokes" is a way to finish fifth, sixth, or seventh for the next five years? Yes- I do.

Trades are gambles, but here's the certainty: the team that gets the best player wins. Could Isaiah Thomas and Ben McLemore be really good NBA players? Sure. But if they were that good, their names wouldn't be included in this deal.

The best player in this deal is Rajon Rondo, and the best deal for him out there ain't in Sacramento. For now, Rondo is in a green uniform- and since he can apparently fetch a King's ransom, that is a good thing for Boston. Hold on to that chip, Danny.

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Padraic O'Connor 12/19/2013 12:53:00 AM Edit
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