Like Jared Sullinger’s tip-in, his leadership is exceptional

Photo by: Matt West
Last night’s loss to Detroit fit this season’s script to the t... C’s play awesome in the first half and build a nice lead, only to play less stellar in the second half and give up said lead. It’s almost becoming like clockwork in some of these games, but that’s going to happen with such a young basketball team. As they continue to play inconsistently leaders have stepped up to try and fix many of these problems, especially Jared Sullinger. What’s the first step of solving a problem? Admitting that there is one, and that’s what the star of last night’s game did:

Despite his early speed bumps this season Sully is taking major steps forward as a leader on the basketball court. I love the way he's playing and he continues to get better, becoming a vocal leader has come as a nice added perk since he's been a pretty quite and reserved guy till now. He really put the team on his surgically repaired back for at times this season including last night, dropping 19 and hitting that huge 3-pointer to give the C’s the lead at the end. However, nothing was as amazing as the tip of the century by #7 at the end of the first half:

Perfect pass, perfect tip. Although Sully doesn't have the hops for alley-oops from Rondo, maybe they can work out an alley-oop tip-in play instead?

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