Former Celtic Jason Terry spoke with Newsday's Dan Duggan today, and revealed that he plans on getting a new tattoo that reads "BK All Day" that he will reveal on opening night:

Terry intends to have "BK All Day" inked somewhere on his body. The location and design won't be unveiled until Oct. 30 when the Nets open their highly anticipated season at the Cleveland Cavaliers.

As you might recall, Terry got a tattoo of the Larry O'Brien championship trophy on his arm in the pre-season before the Dallas Mavericks won in 2011.  He also got a tattoo of Lucky the Leprechaun holding the O'Brien trophy before he started his first season with the Celtics last year. While the C's unfortunately didn't have as much luck as the Mavs with Jason Terry's tattoo predictions, JET told Duggan that he doesn't regret getting second trophy tattoo:

"I'm a very superstitious guy, but every community I come involved with, I just take it on," Terry said. "That's what the tattoo symbolizes. It means something to me. Being a Boston Celtic, that means something. I've been blessed and fortunate to play for a lot of great franchises, and this is just another one."

JET, like Paul Pierce, definitely seems to be enjoying the Nets-Knicks NYC rivalry, and has been doing some trash-talking of his own:

Terry, in turn, has fully embraced the burgeoning rivalry with the cross-town Knicks. In an interview with Dime Magazine last week, Terry mocked the championship guarantee made by Knicks guard J.R. Smith.

Terry learned his trash-talking ways from recent Hall of Fame inductee Gary Payton and has no intention of backing down.

"I learned from the best as far as trash-talking and trying to get under the opponents' skin," Terry said. "But it's all in fun. None of this translates into fighting or anything like that. It's more like a competitive edge. I'm one of the guys - myself, KG - that if you allow us to get underneath you, we'll be there all night."

 We will see if JET's tattoo ritual will get him another championship this season.

h/t NESN

Danielle Hobeika 9/17/2013 02:42:00 PM Edit
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