The Boston Herald caught up with the forgotten member of the Celtics trio heading to Brooklyn, Jason Terry, and he had some fantastic quotes on Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and their mindset about the deal. From Mark Murphy's article (link).

Terry on Pierce and KG's attitude towards the trade.

“I know they were both disappointed that it had to end this way for them in Boston,” Terry said yesterday from Las Vegas. “I don’t want to put words in their mouths, but I know they both really wanted to see things through to the end in Boston. I don’t really know if they’re OK with all of this now, but they’re kind of saddened by it.”

On seeing Pierce in another uniform.

“It will definitely be a strange sight, because we all know how proud Paul was of being a Celtic all of those years,” Terry said. “He was one of the few people in this league who was able to stick with one organization. Again, I’m not trying to put words in his mouth, but it has to be tough for him.”

On being gracious that Danny Ainge sent them to a contender, despite the fact that it's a team within Boston's division.

“If (the Celtics) were selfish, they would have sent us as far west as possible,” Terry said. “But they didn’t. They did something that was great for us.

And finally, on his own brief time in Boston.

“For me, I’m just honored to say that I’ve worn the Celtics jersey. And I hope that people up there will say that the way I played represented everything that I stand for. I know my time was short up there, and we didn’t get it done, but I enjoyed every moment of it.”

Terry has understandably been pushed aside in all this. After all, his one season in Boston can't quite compare with Garnett's six seasons (and revival of the franchise), or Pierce's legendary 15 year run. But I think I speak for most folks when I say that there is absolutely no hard feelings towards JET. Sure, the Celtics didn't make a deep playoff run with him, and at times he looked a bit out of sorts with his new teammates, but the effort was always there. He's the epitome of a likable dude, and I'm very confident Celtics fans everywhere wish him the best.

As for his comments on Pierce and KG, they basically confirm everything we know about those two. The loyalty, the passion for wearing a Celtics uniform, and the love for the city of Boston all were apparent as Terry spoke about his conversations with them.

Pierce and KG were willing to "go down" with the proverbial ship in Boston over the next few seasons, to do whatever it is they could to help out as the team transitioned from contender to rebuilder. How many superstars would be willing to do that over their final seasons?

The combination of being able to stay together and compete for a title, all while helping the Celtics rebuild finally pushed Garnett over the top to waive his no-trade clause. But that doesn't mean he's not upset about it. And that's what this city loves about both him and Pierce. They may be gone, but for as many seasons as they wear "Brooklyn" across their chests, Boston will always be their home.

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