Dear J.R. Smith and Kenyon Martin,

Thanks guys.

Thanks for being complete overconfident, obnoxious idiots. Thanks for saying the stupidest things in the media. Thanks for whatever that did to your team tonight.

I want to specifically call out and thank J.R. Smith, the most generous of them all. Smith bemoaned earlier that the Knicks would've won Game 4 if he was not suspended. He decided that he liked the Celtics so much that he wouldn't show up for Game 5 either.

At one point, in the fourth quarter, Smith was 0-for-11 shooting field goals. He ended the game just 3-14, including one meaningless three pointer in the final seconds. Again, J.R. Smith, thanks man.

Again, let me just lay out the stuff Smith was saying before the game.

He said this when asked about being suspended in Game 4, a game the Knicks lost in overtime.

Oh yeah, it would've been over," Smith said after Tuesday's practice. "I'd have been playing golf today."

He was suspended of course for elbowing Jason Terry in the face. A player he pretended not to even know the name of just yesterday.

Who? I don't even know who that is."

Terry ended up winning Game 4 for the Celtics and scored 17 in Game 5. So, thanks for laying a big dud in Game 5 to combat that, J.R. Smith. Big help.

Again, let me point out. 0 for 11 midway through the fourth quarter. Thanks for the solid, J.R.

Next, I have to single out Kenyon Martin. He put together those nice funeral preparations before the game. You can see the image above for an example. All the Knicks ended up showing up like that, in black, at the behest of Martin.

"We’re ending it Wednesday,” Martin said, telling his teammates to, “Wear black. Funeral colors.’’

Hah! You almost had me there Martin! I thought you guys were guaranteeing a win, but that didn't happen so it must've just been one elaborate joke. Good one guys.

Surely, you didn't think that having an entire team disrespecting their opponent could come back to bite them in the ass, did you?

Lastly, I want to thank Carmelo Anthony for scoring his lowest total of the series on 8 of 24 shots. And also for being a team player with his 2 assists.

Good job Knicks, you really had us Celtics fans going with all of that trash talk this week. Turns out you were just a bunch of frauds! Who would've guessed!?

Anyway, hopefully J.R. Smith can get to that golfing he wants to do so much soon enough when the Celtics win Game 7 in the Garden.



P.S. Fuck New York.

Michael Saver 5/01/2013 10:04:00 PM Edit
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