Last week, several NBA forums began talking about NBA 2K13's leak of this year's new Christmas jerseys. Most of these are monochromatic, building off of last year's "evil empire" all black Heat jerseys(tool-status). Since then, Dwight Howard posed in the all white new Lakers jersey (also lame). It's always exciting to see new jerseys unveiled but I'm not a big fan of these. I guess a couple of the new uni's work but for the most part they seem bland to me. Wouldn't it be more Christmas-sy to add a touch of red to the Celtic's green instead?

What do you think of these Christmas jerseys and of new uniforms in general? Do the creative successes outweigh the failures or should the NBA leave em alone and keep it classic? I know I'll never forgive Minnesota for abandoning their awesome jerseys for ho-hum generics in an effort to "re-invent" themselves. Actually, I guess it's cool since they reinvented the Celtics by giving us KG. He looks cool in any jersey, but those black alternates were badass...

Jacob Zweiback 10/18/2012 07:51:00 PM Edit
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