Well, we are finally done with the Sixers and their fans.  Next we have the Heat and their fans - kind of like going from the frying pan into the fire.  Sixers fans still dislike their own players more then we ever did.  They get all upset when their team doesn't get any respect from other fans or the national media but they don't even give their own team respect so what do they expect.   I hope you enjoy this final edition of the Comments from Philly fans.   Which were your favorites?  

I just have this feeling that it doesn't matter what we do, the league and the refs will make sure Boston wins it...

I expect it to be EXACTLY like game 5 where we were up most the first half and then in the 3rd quarter the whistles start coming for them and kill any momentum we have and allow them to run away with it

Can someone tell me why the hometown network on the front page of the site has the title "why the Celtics will win". Is this some sort of joke?

^they know how the nba works? They will make sure the C's win...

I hope KG doesn't get in any foul trouble, and the rest of the Celts bigs do. Make that MFer play the Entire game, and watch him crumble in the 4th.

I really want us to win this one. That way we can play Miami and it will be a reality check for the front office that we aren't anywhere close to Miami and the top teams. I'm scared they are starting to think no major changes are needed.

You guys we're playing with house money! 4 hall of famers! We should be happy to even be on the floor with them. Think jrue can get their autograph for us?

I think the country is now rooting for Boston in game 7 because the country thinks Boston can beat the Heat and everyone outside of Miami hates the Heat.

I'm feeling good about this one guys... I think we can win this game.

I'm watching ESPN as I type this and Magic and Jon Barry are talking about what kind of problems Boston would cause for Miami WHEN they play in the ECF. Yes they are using the word WHEN. Shut those ****ers up please Sixers

The offciating has been pretty bad all series, but if the refs were ever going to screw us over to save Boaton's season, this would be the game.

I hate Boston they should die tomorrow.

Let's slaughter these dudes. No holding back. This. Is. It.

I really want us to win because I'm sick of all the talking heads talking Celtics - Heat like we are a speed bump and not in game 7

I want to see the Celtic "fans" leaving early to beat the traffic...

The Sixers will win tonight. They will win. THEY WILL

Does this mean we have to hunt down Kevin Garnett's Horcruxs?

What is that celebration the Celtics’ bench always does? And why does it annoy me so much?

Nothing but good things can happen when the entire world is saying Boston is going to win.

Bostons intros suck and they barely booed us.

who's that buffoon Screaming on the jumbotron? Oh, it’ s just Kevin Garnett

Wait how are they shipping off to Boston when they’re already there

It’s the only song they have

Damn Celtics need to stop jumping up and down so much. That's how my grandma broke her hip

They get the rolls already?! ITS OVER.

Pierce already getting bullshit calls

Pierce > Hawes. But I think we knew that.

Rondo really has trouble with things like putting the ball in the basket. He and Hawes would be bestest friends

KG never misses when Hawes is on him. NEVER.

Apparently Bass makes every shot at home & misses them all away.

It looks like the Sixers are already discouraged from driving to the rim. They’ve done it 3 times, contact each time, no whistles. The Celtics did it once, clean swat of the ball, sent to the line.

The refs are swift with the whistle tonight This will favor the Celts more often than not

KG is 50 years old how do you let him out run you?

Because Brand is 51

It was very satisfying to watch EB hit Garnett.

Game’s getting ugly. Could be good for us.

No over the back calls? OK. Stiemsma is just throwing shoves and bo’s all over the place.

Ohhhhhh that’s a bad call. 2 on Rondo.

Rondo flopping like crazy and got the call against him

A-hole Celts fans actually think that's a bad call

It kind of was.

Perfect. Not a bad quarter thus far. Weathered an early storm. It’s ugly. Rondo has two fouls.

I never thought I would say keep shooting ray Allen..

Absolutely can not let Pietrus get a dunk let that again.

Pierce makes me nervous when he yelps like a little girl. I'm more worried about that than him making shots

Hmm.. Do the refs want to be our friends tonight??

Maybe this is about the heat.. Nba wants Boston to be eliminiated for the heat's sake??.. Whether that is just to ensure Miami makes it to finals or because they still believe Boston's a bad matchup..


Pierce is blantantly fouling Dre to get open.

Paul Pierce doing his best US diving impression

Garnett initiates contact. Garnett goes to the line. Makes sense…

Oh and now we’ll call the tacky bullshit fouls.

Garnett is so annoying

KG looks psycho. I fear for his wife and kids.

That's because he is a psycho

Make sense. I hope I never run by him. I might kill me.

This commercial with the Celtics bouncing around looks so dumb

Tell me one thing about the Celts that isn't dumb

Didn’t Ray Allen used to be kind of good or something?

Ray is more injured than they are saying. With Bradley our, Ray has to play.

Getting killed by Pietrus and Dooling, nice

How do you get owned by Ray Allen on defense? I'm speechless.

Loving the whistles

Once Boston starts hitting their shots, this game is going to be a blowout just like game 3.

Sixers shooting twenty six percent. Sixers down by three. I choose to interpret this as a good sign.

Garnett s such a bitch

No need to offend female dogs

I guess Garnett isn't such a legend after all

Hit him in the face more, Andre.

Why do we have to be so bad?

Maybe if we had a big who could rebound instead of being totally worthless we could get a reb.

Rondo was all over the place on that Offensive rebound by a PG? Bad play.

If you see me on the news this week, it’s because I’ve murdered Rajon Rondo.

If you see me it's because I murdered Hawes

Do you know how we could get them in the same place?

Seems noble enough I'll get the body bag....


Obviously when someone trips and rolls into you 2 seconds after you release your shot, you should go to the line

That was a foul on Hawes? I’m assuming right now that having completely ridiculous refs benefits the Sixers in the long run.

I don’t want to ever hear the Celtics fans complain about refs ever again.

Garnett sucks Oh KG. Old, tired legs.

Another missed layup? God they're old lol

KG showing his age.

I thought he only did that if you cut him open and counted his rings. Which is sounding pretty appealing right now, tbh.

It's Tommy Homer ERRR Heinsohn That stooge really agitates me

Ray Ray looks cooked

A call against me???? Paul pierce whinyboy

Hopes he fouls out. What a clown

Boston needs to step it's thuggery game up.

I'm not one to complain much about refs, but does anyone else see a screw job here? Maybe my glasses are shaded or something, but all I'm seeing is Boston getting away with murder.

Still every time Allen shoots I think it's going in. Just keep feeling like he's about to break out of it and become Ray Allen again.

These Celts suck. It would be a travesty to lose this game.

The NBA has approved ABC’s request to air footage of Bosh riding an exercise bike in lieu of the third quarter.

I refuse to believe that is Ray Allen on the court

Thankfully The refs didn’t call an intentional foul, they easily could have

ET went over and purposely step over Bass SWAGGERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrr

Wish ET could get the same calls that Paul Pierce gets.

ET wants to scream like Paul but he's ashamed of his voice....

The C's look really tired out there.

Not only do they look tired. But they seem to be demoralized on our defense.

Actually I think Boston is in deep trouble. We already know how to shut doen their offense while Ray Allen is clearly struggling. Now, it's a matter of taking care of these open shots on offense.

I LOVE THIS DEFENSE!!!!! Almost makes up for our offensive ineptitude

Exactly. Evan Turner is Paul Pierce without a jumpshot at this point offensively. The difference is Paul Pierce gets a foul call EVERY time he drives to the basket. Turner never gets a foul call.

We got to concentrate and stop making mistakes...the C's are trying to hand the game to us for crying out loud!

KG got a little revenge on Lavoy after getting pwned all series long.

Boston’s the best team I’ve ever seen with time running out. Honestly.

Death , taxes and sixers end of half collapses are the 3 things you can count on every time....

Bass has been a pain in the behind all series....I never knew that he has the long range jump shot Ala Kevin durant....perhaps the Celts and magic can swap Howard for bass straight up

I have confidence we can kick #### in the 2nd half..hopefully our youth will get us some transition baskets against a tiring Celts team

I'm praying Rondo gets a couple quick fouls

Words can’t describe how much I hate Garnett, always have

Here it comesThe nba is going to make sure the Celtics win this game

Lou is so bad HE’S SO BAD

You know, the Sixers are a pretty good team for how many bad players they have.

Wow come on. The refs need to call that foul on pierce. They don't want their baby to pick up his third

Way to leave Ray Allen wide open.

Yo time machines are not allowed. Ray Allen hitting that should be a flagrant

Pierce needs a smack in the face.

KG open. And hot. Crap.

Garnett defies the role of a center, and he’s good at it.

Do they have to keep showing replays of Garnett’s moving screens without saying anything? It just feels like they’re rubbing it in.

Am I blind or was the KG screen on the last ray Allen 3 a horribly blatant illegal screen


Hey I wonder how Ray Allen got THAT wide open.

Leaving ray Allen open is cute at first but come on guys

Garnett so dirty on his screens

We can beat the Celtics or the refs, not both.

Hack-a-dala in effect

Celts are tiring...have to keep running..#### the half court offense..they cant keep us with us...run them off the court.

I can\'t believe Iggy attemted another alley-oop pass at this stage of the game..

Even worse....it was clear the kg was lurking....kg...the last mofo you want to mix uup up with on an alley oop


Boston doesn't want to win this game. The sad thing is the Sixers don't want to win either.

There goes Pierce! Good Riddance!!! Time to finish the game up boys!

Woooooooo see ya later flopper.

Well when Rondo makes that shot you know it's not your night.

How the …. Does Rondo make that?

Kill Rondo

So what do you guys think Poison or arson for Rondo?

We suck so much Everything was here for us to win we just suck

Game over on a rondo 3 unreal 2 secs left no choice but to shoot and in the guts of the game brand doesn't move til the balls gone

Rondo wants that triple double..stop him.

Rondo = MAJOR LEAGUE All-Star Closer and a already FOR SURE Hall of fame player. Holiday = a less then average, not even a top-50 NBA PG. Nuff said!!

Are you a Celtics fan? Like really? Jrue is at wrost a top 80 player and top 20 PG
Rondo is a frigde allstar and once the big 3 are gone should be exposed.

Can we stop leaving KG and Bass open from 18

I hate KG with a passion

KG is easily my most hated NBA player.

Unbelievable.. Pierce fouls out but it dosent matter.. Out of all the times rondo makes a three why does it have to be now? Lol

To have a chance they need to not let the Celtics score again

You can do a dwayne wade special and break rondo's arm

Lose by a Rondo three, couldn't see that happening

LOL Rondo WOULD turn into Ray Allen against us

I’m still in shock rondo of all people hit those shots…like really?!?!

Only team Philly fans can watch now are the frickin phillies.. How sucky is that..

Hope the Heat run all over this stale team, then lose in the finals

Guys it was a great run. I can't hate on the Celtics (other than the hated KG).

Guys the ending sucks but this run we went on was amazing.

Sixers only went on a nice run in these playoffs because the bulls were battling a ton of injuries and the Celtics are old farts.

After Pierce fouled out I broke out the onion dip. Then we lost all momentum. It’s all my fault.

I blame the ref On the offensive foul by Pierce. That really killed us in hindsight.

Watch...now the media will be like "man, these Celtics stink...they have no shot vs. The HEAT"

They got a damn gift to end the game and Rondo kills them? RONDO!!!!! #### RONDO!!!!! Who can't shoot worth ish (except in game 7 against the sixers of course)..... Man this sucks!

Getting pissed off just thinking about those two Rondo jumpers.

Ray Allen is washed up. He can only shoot 3's now. KG has a good game every few games..these guys are headed for rebuilding very soon.

The Heat are going to annihilate the Celtics. I hope it’s brutal.

Never knew id root for Miami, but theres one team I hate more than them. That's Boston. I dislike Boston. Goodluck lebron and d wade. Boo Boston. I hate my life

Hate the Celtics, but rondo is nasty. Rather him beat us than pierce

I can’t believe I’ll be rooting for Miami..I want to vomit

Ho hum Anotha rondo triple double. Sucks

To any lurking C's fans: I hate you

To any lurking C's fans: Congrats on needing 7 games to beat the worst team in the playoffs. I hope you are proud of your team.

My reaction to seeing Brandon Bass and KG open all game
Seriously that’s me.

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