Hawks fans were slightly more civil in this game than they were the previous game.  At least no one was wishing death or aids on anyone. But then again, their team wasn't getting blown out in this one.   I can't help but think that it was a big mistake for the Celtics to give the Hawks confidence.  They are getting healthier and now they have confidence they can beat the Celtics.  Game 6 is a must win!!  In the meantime, enjoy today's comments from Hawks fans....

Not getting my expectations too high, just hope the guys compete. If we do lose, I always enjoy seeing Rondo's maturation into an All-Time Special PG and Ray's perfect elbow form. He's perfected it so much he doesn't even jump straight up when contested. Dude be falling to the side and leaning forward all off balance, bottoms. And say what you will about K.G.: a championship (maybe more), MVP, umpteen All-Star Appearances (fan voted and starting, mind you) and DPOY amounts to a career that I could never say a negative thing about

This team is done. Trade away the valuable pieces while we still have time. A full rebuild is in order(and has been for quite sometime) and whoever can't see that is blind.

The Hawks rolled over in the 4th quarter at home in a game they really needed to win. Joe Johnson came up empty at crunch time again. MARVIN was totally worthless when the team needed him most. Josh Smith tried to force the action resulting in multiple low percentage shots. hope I'm wrong as a Hawks fan, but it wouldn't surprise me to see the Hawks bow out quietly and quickly now. Game 2 was just one game and these Hawks always do the unexpected, but I suspect Boston will win in 5 games now.

Paul Pierce and the Celtics showed the hearts of champions and the will to win. Joe Johnson and MARVIN showed what they always show in the playoffs. Nothing.....

It's hard to figure out which Hawks team we are going to get, but the fact that only 8 teams in NBA history have ever come back from being down 3-1 in a series doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.

8 teams in NBA history have come back after being down 3-1, but none of those teams had MARVIN either.

If we get the home court calls like the Celtics did in Game 4 we win by double digits tonight easily.

I would pick Ivan, Horford, Smith as my frontcourt to f### up the Celtics

I don’t think the Hawks have even made it far enough yet to claim they are trying to get out of the first round. Right now they’re just trying to make their first round exit seem semi-respectable.

Rondo had 7 dimes in the first quarter Did you hear what I said? SEVEN!! Unacceptable!

Wow Joe is asking to be benched! They should pay Ivan to take Joe out back and beat him silly… Where was his effert in game 4? Oh well everone else will bring the pain tonite.

We will be the 9th team to come back from being down 3-1 to win the series……Boston will be outta steam with only 1 day between games 5-7 AND WE HAVE HOME COURT! LETS GO HAWKS!

To borrow a quote from KG, tonight will be “A barfight, a g———-n barfight!”

Too bad the only player on the Hawks that has been in a barfight is Ivan

I HATE THE CELTICS The hawks better come out to play tonight, I will be so pissed

Since when can Rondo shoot?

God I hate how there are so many Boston fns in our court.

Marvin Williams cannot play basketball,

As of now that argument can be made for everyone but Teague.

Uncontested run down the lane for a dunk for Pierce? You gotta be kidding me. Put his ass on the floor and make him call for his wheelchair.

Well the Hawks are backing up their pregame statements You know, the ones uncertain about their chances in this game

Go Joe. Go. Please. ...to another team

Damp > Collins In the same way eating dirt > eating mud

I can't fault Larry Drew I didn’t like Chemistry either. I got a C+.

Floppin Frenchman

Dampier is playing his ass off in there.

He's a good one for it, because he's got plenty ;)

KG grabbing offensive rebounds over midget Josh... Then midget Josh needs to jump to contest a simple pump fake

Josh is really not that good Sigh..

Wow, F*** you too Kevin Garnett And are we in Boston or Atlanta? I can’t even tell.

Josh complains more than he hustles

The only players the Hawks need to keep are Horford and Teague And Ivan. Everyone else is trash

Let's be real here Do we want to win tonight and get beat in Boston or just have Boston go ahead and give the Hawks the bullet tonight? Would either impact off season decisions? I’d think so.

I care about not getting embarrassed frankly

Joe Johnson is unaware of embarrassment So why should we notice?

Changed KG's three to a two. So only down 6 now at least.

Whew A 7 point lead would’ve been insurmountable

Thank god...Willie is in.

My sarcasm senses are tingling!

They should have felt like you were tazed.

I really like how Horf's played so far. Looks like he's not suffering which is awesome.

I hope Marvin stays on the bench and catches a cold.
PFs leading the break and getting dunked on by 36 year old Paul Pierce

God I hate Paul Pierce he looks like a turtle.

Dooling 56-56 for 3 this seriess

Joe Johnson is doing so much wrong that it's hard for me to keep up.

Josh is garbage

Ray Allen posting up are you chitting me? What happened to size?


They came in on the bandwagon

Some of those people couldn’t point out Boston on a map

Lol, I guess. I mean, the Celtics might really just be that damn popular. And they're good travelers.

10 fouls on us -- ONE on them. They're reachin' and grabbin' yet no fouls. Ray Allen dives into our guy on a shot, foul on us. Teague goes in hard on a layup, gets hacked on the elbow, no call. Complains to the ref, gets warned. This is a statement game, all right - for the league office.

The Hawks suck at off the ball movement.

The Hawks suck at off the ball movement.

Hey did I miss something, or is Ivan being ignored again?

He was actually confident in the team's chances today So LD sent him home

Marvin Williams is so useless it amazes me.

He currently has more points than Josh, on less attempts.

Could we fire LD now, and have someone else coach the remainder of this game?

The good news is... JJ has taken the most shots on the team – all is well!

Means we're gonna win, right?

Nope He’s just gonna use his “heroics” to keep the game close.

Does anyone else despise Bradley??

I honestly wonder if these guys give a f*** sometimes.

Considering that both Joe and Josh have asked to be traded and don't want to play anymore for the Hawks, I am at least grateful that they even drove to the arena. I guess asking them to give a f*** about playing hard is out of the question.

Joe could average 25 if he could get to the line effectively.

He can He just chooses not to

KG -- From hell’s heart, I stab at thee. For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee.

Make that Pierce He’s used to it

Stabbing Paul pierce jokes aren't funny
Finally................... Marvin 2 threes in a row believe it or not

Marvin just made the leap from "awful terrible" to just "awful"

I feel bad for hating on Marvin now

Don't feel bad. He will disappoint us soon

Damn we've become Orlando With all these 3’s

When the hell did Rondo become a shooter?!?!?!?!?

Starting to think as long as Rondo is shooting that well from the arc he may need to get a little more pressure from our bigs. We just have to get the ball out of his hands. I would rather have anybody but Rondo shooting late in the game.

Hopefully what we did in last few minutes continues in 3rd!

Did you have to bring up the 3rd?

Garnett has been pushing off on every ATL possession down in the paint. How is that not a foul. I can't stand how teams like Boston get away with that trash every time I watch them.



Man if we had horford we'd for sure be up in this series. They have NO answer for him!

Perhaps the reports that he would miss the series were, dare I say it, Playing possum?

Always dangerous 11 point lead here Let’s close out the 3rd strong! Please?

Lol are they booing Willie green?

Fans surely aren't that well informed, right?

Hawks are too dumb to win

Josh Smith has to be the laziest most OVERRATED player in the NBA

Willie Green plays like me on my high school team Comes in, everything bad happens.

What happened to the 11 point lead? We would have been better off just lying on the ball and taking 24 sec. Violations.

Paul looks gwumpy :(

He must be having some serious knee pain lol
"Bitch stole my wheelchair"

Ryan Hollins One of the players in the league who still jumps on a Josh pump-fake

Boston getting a good amount of favorable calls Like always....

I challenge you, before you leave Punch as many Celtics fans as you can

Ridiculous how 1 sided the call are

Seriously u leave Allen open
So 2 minutes after they say Pierce isn't coming back He comes back………interesting
Yawn, oh, Pierce was faking again?

Paul Pierce: If Josh can make jumpers, then my knee don’t hurt

I hate the Boston fans so much...

Danny Crawford can play in traffic

So let me ask: Is this a team getting healthy versus a team wearing down?

Not sure, but let's go with that ;)

How long has KG been making those shots 20 years at this point?

And just like that the offense disappears again

Either move on offense or lose, either way I'm tired of this team

Omg how long are you gonna run ISO-Joe

Until 2016 or until LD is no longer the coach Whichever happens first

Right on cue Joe thinks he can hold on the ball however long he wants because he hit that last runner.

I think he has it in his contract To have iso’s run for him at the end of close games

Lolololololol paid 120 mil for isolation

Dumb Celtics Feels so good as a Hawks fan to call another team dumb

To be honest I think the ball slipped. No way PP air balls in that spot. It just doesn't happen.

He could, playing on a bad knee

No lift, they have been talking about it the whole game Nevermind Al Horford has one arm and Josh Smith has one leg

Al Horford was our best player all night. And he has barely played this year

Well rested.

What'd I tell you Ugly win. ;)

It was the exactly the type of win we needed if we’re going to ambush Boston in Boston on Thursday. A win where they feel like we just got lucky. Now, for the next stage of my plan, we need injury updates on Zaza. His chipped bone in his foot is an injury that keeps him out typically 4-6 weeks. And Saturday or Sunday will mark the 4th week since his injury…..

With al back and maybe zaza will be ready... I give us a good chance in Boston

They really need to stop with the confetti.

Reading Al's lips after the buzzer “See you in Boston, Mother F*****s!”

If only we had al this whole series... Boston would be in serious trouble! And they still may!

I am just going to say this. I am happy about the win. But this team will not win game 6 in Boston. This is one of the dumbest teams I have seen in a long time. And I do mean that. They can't even in bound a $@%!$@% pass correctly. I mean all the Hawks players run in the same direction of the inbound. That is just stupid. The Hawks got very lucky tonight, but they should have lost. I really cannot believe the dumb things Hawks did tonight. Truly staggering.

We probably do lose game 6 but I'm just so happy we won tonight

Zaza vs. KG That thought makes me smile. Why doesn’t the rule about moving screens apply to Garnett, anyway?

I just hope zaza can come back in Boston. That way everytime al needs a breather we have him to go to instead of dampier or the worst player on the team aka Collins Collins just drains the spirit. Al and zaza and josh WILL bounce back in Boston… the Celtics may not need to be counting that 2nd round just yet!

FLCeltsFan 5/09/2012 08:19:00 AM Edit
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