The Celtics, like most teams, have called Sacramento to gauge what it would take to trade for DeMarcus Cousins. The young, disgruntled Kings center has been suspended from the team for his disagreements with coach Paul Westphal.

“It’s highly unlikely,” a league source said of the Celtics’ chances of landing Cousins. “I’m not sure that any team is going to get him. The thing is that everyone knows he’s a wreck. They’re not going to get what he’s worth.”
Nothing unexpected here. The Celtics need a center and a center demands a trade, so Ainge had to make the call, as our own DH proposed immediately after the trade demand. I assume Ainge's offer would have been our two first rounders in 2012 and JaJuan Johnson. Kings could do much better if they ever decide to move Cousins (They have said they won't).

Worth at least keeping track of, in case for example Kings coach Paul Westphal is murdered in a drive by shooting and Cousins' trade value goes down. Young knuckleheads Tyreke Evans and Cousins hate Westphal, and you may recall that Tyreke Evans was previously put behind bars for being the driver in a drive-by shooting, so I guess anything is possible.

My prediction: Kings will fire Westphal, keep Cousins, and cater to the knuckleheads. Kings will continue to be lousy.

Update less than 2 days later: Westphal was fired.

JR 1/03/2012 10:43:00 PM Edit
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  1. Daniel S. says:

    As a Kentucky fan, I would love the idea of Rondo throwing lobs to Cousins. I can dream, right?

  2. JW9 says:

    damn celticslife is slow on updates, mark this as OLD NEWS

  3. BOCKNOWZ says:

    Ainge need to trade J.O`Neal and A.Bradley to Sacramento,but he still needs to sign Eddie House and Nate Robinson back to Boston so we can kill in the East and get Banner18 at the Garden.

  4. JR says:

    Watching them play together in the Summer, I saw a very solid chemistry on the court Daniel.

  5. CJ33 says:

    Day old news good work and danny didnt have to he wanted to contact them. Just because your bias against the kid dont act like you know it all

  6. tb727 says:

    Stop bitching everyone. I think it's about time to require a login...

  7. Anonymous says:

    this dude needs to grow up..

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