Comments From the Other Side - Wizards 1/2

 During the last game, there were a lot of good comments about Rondo.  This game, they are loving on Ray.  However, KG gets the same hate in both threads. There's also a lot of complaints about the refs in both threads.   Some things never change.  I love how fans always ask who left Ray Allen open.  No one leaves Ray Allen open.   They just get tired from chasing him and slow down long enough for Ray to get his shot off.  I loved the comment about Ray "And we dare call him old "   Enjoy Comments from the Wizards fans part deux....

Here's hoping Chris continues getting under Paul's skin.

We desperately need to win this game. The Celtics are so much older than us that we should definitely have an advantage since it's a back to back.

And Please Blatche just leave KG alone don't fall for his head games its getting quite old at this point.

Now we might actually win with Flip gone!!

My God that was a blatant non-call. Shard got absolutely clobbered

NBA refs hate us

Come on Allen shouldn't have more energy than our young backcourt.

I just wanna know if they were saving Cavs retread Pavolic so
His fresh legs would do us in tonight. Sasha the secret weapon.

I'll be watching the game tonight and hope for a win. DC is a fun team to watch, and hope they can string together a victory tonight.

If by "fun", you mean excruciating, then yes, we are a lot of "fun".

The refs are lettin' 'em play right now - on both ends of the court. A lot of contact, a lot of moving screens, etc.

Tommy Heinsohn just compared Steimsma to Bill Russell. Oh, Tommy.

This kid Steimsma is *not* the second coming of Russell, but he's a pretty good-looking kid - considering that he went undrafted.

These Boston commentators are crazy homer guys... Can't stand them.

Worst in the league. Heinsohn is the biggest homer announcer I have ever seen.

Boston looks a little tired.

The refs aren't going to let the Celtics lose tonight huh?

Boston's in trouble tonight, fellas...called it last night.

Boston looks old...their crowd even seems out of it...

They have a horrible fan base. Very fickle.

These refs are a joke with all the holding and pushing the Celtics do. Come on

Am I watching the right game? Cause in this one I think we're winning.

Leaving Ray Allen open to double Steisma? W T F

Awful defensive decision to leave Allen. For Vanilla Ice of all people...

The refs are letting them move on those screens

Secret to Celtics offense Is the moving pick. KG isn’t even hiding it

Allen is a tough cover...he runs a maze through screens

Anyone else satisfied with the fact that we aren’t down by 20 at the half?

KG was draped all over him Don’t know how it wasn’t a foul

it's KG He has a different set of rules in the manual

KG should've seriously fouled out by now

How can the NBA continue to enforce illegal screens, when they allow KG to blatantly break that rule

Celtis sat JO thinking they had this in the bag.

It's tough enough to guard Ray Allen as it is; when you allow his teammates to set moving screens, it's borderline impossible.

Celtics look old and slow - other than Rondo. It's mainly because... They are old and slow - other than Rondo.

I do sort of hope Garnett gets a career ending injury tonight, but other than that there’s not a lot to complain about the Wizards.

Steimsma is *not* playing like an undrafted rookie. Granted, it's always easier to look poised when playing with a team full of hardworking vets, but the Cs got a nice little steal on their hands with him.

Celtics look tired

Should be a theme this season until Garnett, and the rest of the elders retire.

Someone stop Greg Steimsma!!

Listing to the Boston announcers, you'd think Steimsma is the best player on the court, a hall of famer

Why does that giant white guy have 13 points? And I’m pretty sure their announcers only like him because they are looking for a token white guy Scalabrine replacement

Its Boston They gotta have a token white guy

Pierce is such an actor

Brandon Bass > Big Baby.

Not when it comes to eating contests

As unathletic as Bass is, the only thing you need to do is stay in his face. Giving him a mid-range is pretty much unforgivable, because that's the only way he can hurt you.

Avery Bradley CANNOT guard John Wall

Damn I like Brandon Bass' game

Why are people leaving Allen open I'm not leaving him for anyone else.

Why did NY leave Allen alone for the trey?

Cuz NY ain't that great on D

Flip needs to put a tape of the Celtics on and make the wizards stare at it…clockwork orange style….
I don’t think they realize it gets easier with passes…

Bass just doesn't miss

Boston is patiently running their offense. We're throwing up on ourseleves.

Boy does that crowd noise sound fake

Haha Noooooo. Not in Bahston.

Boston with the cheesy canned crowd noise...LMAO.

How is this piping of crowd noise legal?

I dislike Ray

I love ray Allen I dislike how we aren’t defending him.

Dislike Ray when he is playing against us A lot of respect for him.


Him and Bass have killed us tonight

I hate ray Allen! And bass!

Nick just isn’t in this game mentally.

He is tired....been run ragged by Allen

I think Boston toys with the Wiz

Somebody teach Garnett how to drink a damn cup of water the right way.

Did anyone just see that woman ask her friend if KG really just threw water in his face…hahaha

LOL at Blatche drawing the foul Looks like there’s more blatche fans among the refs than among wizards fans.

For lack of better terms Ray Allen is muhfuggin good, man. Like he is fuggin GOOD!

And we dare call him old.

I can't wait until the big 3 retire And the Celtics return to the cellar

If it makes you feel better, They don’t really have a chance this year at anything significant

Who the hell left Pierce wide open?

i hate PP

Never leave Pierce alone at that spot.

Why are they playing eye of the tiger they’re the Celts and we’re the friggin wizards

This is embarrassing I see nothing to feel good about the Celtics are beatable. They play with low energy we are just so inefficient with everything we do.

Ray Allen is a great shooter and even he surpassed what he's supposed to do on a basketball court today. The Pierce shot in the end was a very high degree of difficulty. Brandon Bass simply doesn't miss, and he was guarded well in my opinion.