No matter how badly Paul wants to join forces with Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire, it seems clear that he realizes he can't get to New York via trade this season. As a result, his new favorite destination, I'm told, is the Lakers.
And what about the Celtics chances?
The Celtics, for example, have the assets (Rajon Rondo) and the incentive, but sources close to Paul says he has no interest in a long-term future in Boston and that reality might have moved the Celtics to the back of this pack.
So it might be time to forget about Chris Paul wearing Celtics green and start worrying about Danny Ainge now trading Rajon Rondo for a lesser player. If Chris Paul becomes a Laker, so be it. I just don't want them then to also get Dwight Howard. He's the biggest available fish out there.

JR 12/07/2011 08:13:00 PM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Work on getting dwight.

  2. Anonymous says:

    CP3 can fuckin shove it! Im sick of hearin bout this clown he's good but he's not worth trading Rondo, Jeff Green, Avery Bradley, Etwuan Moore, and two 1st round picks I mean honestly am I alone here or something? That many players who are still young and full of potential and not even close to fully developed. Even Rondo and Green still have potential to fill especially Green.

  3. JR says:

    You're not alone. It's a shame Danny doesn't appreciate the star point guard that actually wants to play in Boston. Then again Perk, TA, and Powe all wanted to stay in Boston and they got no love either.

  4. Louie says:

    We need a good center....forget about this CP3 hype....We need some size...we have plenty of point gaurds...we lack depth..

  5. tb727 says:

    I guess Ray Allen didn't reverse the trend of athletes wanting to go to Boston. Having Ray and KG allowed for guys like Shaq and Sheed and Jermaine to come aboard, but I guess none of that matters.

    Paul's a bitch for wanting to goto LA instead of teaming up to beat LA. And New Orleans is retarded for wanting to keep him in-conference.

  6. IronHelpsUsPlay says:

    Heard much the same about a player named Kevin Garnett a few years back.

    One thing I've never heard about these Dwight Howard/KG/Chris Paul rumors is anything from the players themselves.

    Carry on...

  7. Louie says:

    CP3 looks like tweety bird in that Lakers jersey...lol

  8. Anonymous says:

    First off i cant agree more, I dont understand why paul wouldnt wanna make a run for one year in boston, we have the talent.

    Second, Danny traded away all of the players that did wanna stay like stated above, And some of the trades proved to be duds and some were studs. Powe has been injury prone, shaq was a pile of crap. WE need to focus on a center, Now that perk is gone[cry..] we really have no size, danny decided to get rid of luke and semih and we really dont have the size to compete with any team on the boards.

    We all need to get over this CP3 crap and focus on our priorities, josh smith.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sick of hearing about this guy already

  10. Reean says:

    Paul, I want you in Boston BUT WTF>!?!!>!>!!>!>! LA?!?!?!?!?! Fine, so be it if you trade Rondo DA it better be for Dwight or i'll lose my mind... if you get anyone else besides Dwight or somehow convince Cp3 to stay in Boston then go Fuck yourself Ainge you better not do anything stupid... And paul looks like Tweety for real

  11. Celtics Fan For Life says:

    Lets try and get Josh Smith...maybe once we can acquire him Chris Paul and or Dwight Howard would like to sign with Boston Next year? Well have our own Big 3 of...CP3, Pierce, Josh Smith....or Rondo, Dwight Howard, Pierce, and Smith...which one sounds better? Id go with second choice

  12. Anonymous says:

    FU*** CP3.. We need Rondo and D Haward.

  13. Anonymous says:

    forget abou CP3. lets go with Josh Smith!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    okay so Rondo needs to go now after all of this trade talk....best result now would be Rondo and sign n trade BBD (or JOneal) for Howard and find a cheapish PG off FA....not the best way around it, but it could work

  15. Anonymous says:

    Have these guys no sense of history? You don't want to play for the Celtics? If they don't want to come here, we don't want them. They must have grown up playing ball in a vacuum. Anyway, I would rather watch Rondo and Dwight than Paul. Larry Bird says his favorite player to watch is Rondo. I would have to agree with this, stay green Rondo.

  16. Don't think Danny Ainge is just trying to dump Rondo, pretty sure he wants CP3 and potentially Dwight Howard... and the only tradeable asset he has is Rondo.

  17. Bohemian says:

    I think we need to wait til Friday to know the whole thing. It´s a little bit early to believe one rumor and forget the rest of the previous one. Now we have the sight of Paul in the Lakers uniform in this article and we visually believe he doesn´t want to play for us. In my mind, the real feelings of Paul towards the Celtics may not be known yet.

    What we REALLY know is that he MAY have no intention to resign here in 2012, not that he doesn´t want to be a Celtic.

    Also people forget that we are talking about business in the NBA, and that loyalty or love for the colors is less and less significant. You see that Rondo, Perk and other true Celtics are traded without remorse (where´s the loyalty) but players can´t decide their future according to location, market or friendship?

  18. I say it's time to trade Ainge for even proposing what he did for cp3 get a big man that's what we need cause Danny sent ours off last year. With Ainge were gonna end up looking like early 2000s celtics

  19. Jay says:

    The more time Ainge wastes on this, the more players are going to sign with other teams..and then what kind of team are we going to have..?

  20. Anonymous says:

    "Obviously, there's the business of basketball and there are things that may happen with a GM having to make a decision for the best interest of the team," Curry told reporters. "When you have a guy like Chris Paul, who is a franchise player, that's something you really have to think about with anybody on the roster. I understand that. I'm not going to be upset if they entertained that."

    -Stephen Curry's view on these trade talks

    ...I really hope Rondo feels that way

  21. Anonymous says:

    Again...cp3 - if you don't want to play for Boston it is your frakin loss. Was not a fan of your bone-on-bone knees anyway.

  22. Beantown says:

    Where exactly are all these things coming from? I haven't heard a single quote from Chris Paul yet everyone seems to know what he's thinking? I think all these stories are being floated out to just get people interested in the league again.

  23. Lee says:

    Why is Ainge so desperate for a new PG? Does he not already know that He has a all star one? (Who is young) we need a center! We all seen what happened when Perk left :( ... That's the missing piece to the jigsaw if you ask me

  24. Vito says:

    I think every owner in the nba entertains any player of the caliber of chris paul, but the problem is ainge is trying to give up way too much way too early. I say keep rondo, and build around him next year. Why not try and trade KG and Allen ? They might be old but with age comes experience and they can still ball up this season. Either way, I want Rondo who bleeds green vs Paul who even if we do get him, will leave as fast as he can to run to NY to melo and NY will be whipping our a** for years to come. Bottom line, Keep Rondo, sign Tyson Chandler, to go with pierce and hope to get some valuable bench players like jamal crawford, etc.

  25. Vito says:

    We SHOULD be AGGRESSIVELY pursuing TYSON CHANDLER! who can anchor our DEFENSE and slow down teams like miami and chicago and NY. SIGN CHANDLER !!!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Well looks like Paul is wearing gold and purple people

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