It is hard to believe, but the days of Rajon Rondo in Boston are numbered. I always thought Rajon would play here for the rest of his career, or at least he would be the bridge to a new generation once the Big Three retires. His contract ($55 million/5 years), and his rising performances made the future look filled with impossible passing and Larry Birdesque shows.

Rajon Rondo has always been a beast. Like Kendrick Perkins. The two young starters in our 2008 championship squad may both leave before any of the old guard retires. How crazy fate is.

Precisely, I believe that when Perk left, part of Rajon´s love for the Celtics left too. Is he to blame for that? Absolutely not. Ubuntu was gone, his friend was ripped away from the body of the team...the Celtics left laying on the floor bleeding from the middle.

Right after the season ended with the defeat vs the Miami Heat, Ainge tried to send Rondo to Oklahoma City for Russell Westbrook. The average fun calls this nuts. Do you trade your best player in the Miami series, the future of the franchise and one of the best PGs in the league for a ball hog like Westbrook? You don´t.

Ironies of the destiny: the package included Kendrick Perkins, who would have returned to Beantown months after being banished from the glory of wearing greeen. Do you want to add some more irony to the mix? Apparently Perk had been hard on Westbrook during the playoffs, telling him "you're not Rondo".

Danny Ainge must know something we don´t know or the world is simply crazy.

Fast forward to the end of November. Danny has had almost five months to rethink and reshape his business strategy. The lockout ends and his mind is fresh and more logical than ever. No hard feelings, no tension...and the first thing he does is trying to trade Rondo to the Hornets.

The message is clearly painted on the Garden´s walls: Rajon Rondo will be traded. It seems the time is now, Danny is pushing for it. My gut tells me it will be even this week, before the season for sure and Chris Paul is on his way.

The MVP of the Celtics in the last 3 seasons will be traded for one of the MVPs of the league.

Chris Paul is an outstanding player, one of the best players of his generation. He can score, pass and is clutch too. A pure pleasure to watch. He is the light to lead Dwight Howard to us next summer too. Everything looks promising, the future bright but far and uncertain. Danny is willing to far for that distant light than enjoy the flashlights of the currently shaped Celtics squad.

My question is: how can a player status change so dramatically in months? Is is the personality, is it that he hasn´t evolved as well as the coaching staff expected? Are the free throws and the mid-long range distance efficiency so vital for a team to totally forget about its identity?

Fair or not fair, I will continue to cheer for the Boston Celtics. I will be a fan of Paul if or when he comes here, and I will follow, admire and cheer all of Rondo´s glories elsewhere in the league and in my mind I will cherish all the good moments he brought to us. He and Perk, combined with the Big Three...unbeatable.

Now everything is changing. The present is turning fastly into the past. Melancholy further drifted away.

New names, new promises.

These are times of change my friends.

Bohemian 12/07/2011 05:24:00 AM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great read Bohemian, I'm praying that Rondo stays in Boston


  2. Effect says:

    The day when Rondo is traded to NO, is the day when I will became NO fan.

    WE CAN"T TRADE RONDO. HE IS A CELTIC! And CP3 isn't! He's just a bad boy from bad company(Melo,James, Wade and etc.)

    I will cry for months if we lost Rondo.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Man that's exactly how I feel too.

  4. QD says:

    Well, we'll know in 2 days what's going to happen. After that, all the trade "sources" will crawl back into their holes and live to blubber another day. Can't wait til Friday to see how this all plays out.

  5. I says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    i feel everybody is losing their damn minds right now. At the end of the day, these are all RUMORS and SPECULATION, and most of this info is provided by "sources", i know Danny's recent track record doesn't allow him any trust but i definitely don't trust ESPN, the place where Overrated stars and heroes who are just trends are born. In their minds, Veterans don't count for shit, as long as you're extremely young (basically a rookie), you're Lebron James, you can do the dougie (that dance is gay and retarded as hell by the way), your moves stay consistently flashy on a nightly basis, and you play in LA, you're a shoo in for the title. They're the first people to write off the celtics and the mavs before the season starts because we don't have any overhyped stars on our team, (NY Knicks anyone?) Until December 9 comes around and deals start moving, I'll reserve my judgement and give it out when i see the deal happen but not before, but at the end of the day The Celtics taking banner 18 and having a squad that ensures us a title opportunity in the coming years as well is my first concern

  7. Anonymous says:

    if rondo is traded, i will go on to completly support rondo wherever he may land because his five years in boston have turned me into the most loyal fan to everything, every intangible he has brought over the years and the miles of progress he has shown on a yearly basis. IF the celtics win with chris paul, that will be great too, banner 18, what we've always wanted, but it wont feel the same. I will be forever happy for the big three. it will be bittersweet.

  8. Rofocale says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  9. Bohemian says:

    To I,

    Of course it is not possible to trade right at that moment, but trades can be agreed on and can be fulfilled when the time is due. It´s like now, something may be already set and it is just waiting for Friday to be done.

    So this rumor is possible, and the article doesn't refer to anything without logic

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