He says that Miami, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Indiana are better than the Celtics, picks the Thunder to win the NBA championship, says Boston should sign Joel Pryzbilla and raves about Perkins.

He also talks about how the Celtics aren't attractive to veteran free agents like they once were.

"In the past Boston had been able to sign those guys at the veteran minimum because they were the Celtics and they were a championship contender," he said. "Now guys like that are going to Miami, Chicago, Oklahoma City and LA. They're not going to the Celtics anymore because they think the window has closed."

Honestly, it's hard to argue with him. The Celtics best shot at a championship this year, in my opinion, would mean giving the big three some heavy rest during the season and getting into the tournament as the 6-8 seed, and then hopefully turning it on with relatively fresh legs for the veterans.

Listen here:

Michael Saver 12/20/2011 09:32:00 AM Edit
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  1. The 76ers aren't better than Boston, neither is Indiana. Come on...

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Yeah, i agree. I wouldn't be surprised if they are seeded higher though just cause I'd expect Doc to give his starters some heavy rest.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i don't think philly is better than boston and indiana isn't better....But i wouldn't be surprised if boston does get a 6th seed, indiana has gotten better acquiring oj mayo and david west that team is going to be good

  5. shelbyl says:

    These kinds of talks motivate C's. Good. I would rather have them off the spotlight than under it.

  6. Germanb90 says:

    Like in the 2010 Playoffs haha... everybody predicting the C losing easy with the Cavs and Magic.

  7. Anonymous says:

    ...and if the Nets acquire Howard, we're gonna be 7th...? Ugh

  8. JR says:

    I don't care what Chris Mannix says, and I don't care what seed we end up. What I do care about is that while all our rivals improved, our roster was downgraded. Dooling and Bradley is a horrendous backup backcourt. What happens when Marquis gets hurt? What about when JO gets hurt?

  9. Anonymous says:

    agree with JR on that one


  10. We'll get a 3 seed and be out 2nd round like last year.

  11. JR says:

    Did TB just hack into Karl's blogger account? ;)

  12. shelbyl says:

    Well, I wouldn't call this a downgrade necessarily.

    Backcourt: Last year D West was not playing at his best, and Bradley was our only other option. This year we have Dooling, who is not as bad as I thought would be, but more importantly we have Moore who, mentally, doesn't look like a rookie at all.

    Frontcourt: It is needless to say that we are much better here. Bass and Wilcox give us several important things: Dirty work shoveling, athleticism and mental toughness. With the rookies, we're about three times thicker than we were last year.

    Wing: This is going to bite us, no doubt. Green's loss couldn't come at a worse time, and unfortunately, it is not going to be easy to fill his place. Yet come trade deadline, there might be some guys available for a minimum at least for this season.

    So overall, I'd say at worst we're at the same level we were post-trade last year. KG, Allen and Pierce are tough and professional players, one year does not take away from them as much as it'd take from other tricenarians.

  13. dirtyundeese says:

    When did the indiana pacers get OJ Mayo?I think the celtics are alot better this year.Keyon is a better passer then delonte.Jermaine looks alot better this year.Miami beat a depleted celtics last year and everybody acts like the celtics are done.The celtics added some athleticism and some grit all the celtics need is alittle bit more fire power coming off the bench.I think everbody will be surprized come playoff time.

  14. tb727 says:

    Karl gets it lol! I predict a 36-30 record, and a max trip to the second round. Wake me when the Celtics have a chance at CP3 again. Zzzzzzz....

  15. J9 says:

    I'm tired of hearing all these doubters, let the celtics do the talking with their playing this season, we haven't seen them fully in action, yet the negative talking is going on

  16. DH says:

    I thought the OJ Mayo trade didn't go through?

  17. Anonymous says:

    it didn't oj is still with memphis

  18. J says:

    This guy is fuked..Love the doubters.

  19. Tim Tebow says:

    we'll be a monster of an 8th seed. that for sure.

  20. Anonymous says:

    If Stiemsma gets lots of playing time and is more aggressive underneath the basket, then we will win the division.

  21. Beantown says:

    He seems to actually know his stuff so I won't trash his opinion here but who cares about regular season standings anyways. If Joey Crawford and co. didn't hijack the finals in 2010 the C's would've slept through the regular season and still won a title. I'm really not at all concerned about the regular season, just finishing somewhere in the top 4 is going to be important. Miami's fans are barely showing up by the 3rd quarter, the only thing to overcome down there is the synthetic crowd noise and empty white shirts hanging over the seats. The Bulls are a different story but they have their own issues to deal with, who knows what some of these teams will look like come playoff time.

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