Chris Mannix on WEEI: Celtics no better than 6th seed

He says that Miami, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Indiana are better than the Celtics, picks the Thunder to win the NBA championship, says Boston should sign Joel Pryzbilla and raves about Perkins.

He also talks about how the Celtics aren't attractive to veteran free agents like they once were.

"In the past Boston had been able to sign those guys at the veteran minimum because they were the Celtics and they were a championship contender," he said. "Now guys like that are going to Miami, Chicago, Oklahoma City and LA. They're not going to the Celtics anymore because they think the window has closed."

Honestly, it's hard to argue with him. The Celtics best shot at a championship this year, in my opinion, would mean giving the big three some heavy rest during the season and getting into the tournament as the 6-8 seed, and then hopefully turning it on with relatively fresh legs for the veterans.

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