There is also a small handful of teams that has informed the Hornets they are prepared to trade for Paul with no assurance that they can keep him beyond this season. That list, sources say, includes the Rockets, Boston Celtics and defending champion Dallas Mavericks.

Each of those teams would be gambling that Paul would be won over by his new surroundings and either elect to play out the final season of his current contract (valued at $17.8 million in 2012-13) or opt out of his contract on July 1, 2012, and sign a new deal. Paul's 2011-12 salary is listed at $16.4 million.

Boston would appear to have the most to offer in such a scenario if the Celtics are willing to include point guard Rajon Rondo, but sources say that the Hornets are convinced that they can receive more from any of the so-called gambling teams than from the Knicks, who are widely regarded as Paul's No. 1 preferred destination.
Everyone is after Chris Paul including the Celtics. Anyone that thinks just because Danny Ainge said he loves Rajon Rondo and he doesn't see the Celtics trading him, that Rondo is safe in Boston is not paying attention to Ainge's history. Ainge always says that. Then he trades the guy if he gets an offer he likes.

There is a split amongst Celtics fans on whether they'd trade Rondo for Paul. Most are against it, but there's a strong number that are for it. I don't blame either side for their opinions as both are great players. If you asked Celtics fans back in let's say 1988 if they'd trade Kevin McHale for let's say Scottie Pippen, I'm sure there would be equal dissension. My reason for being against the this trade is I believe Rondo at 11 million a year plus whatever you can get with 9 million a year is greater than Chris Paul for 20 million a year, especially considering Paul's knees.

We've seen in recent years how star players like T-Mac and Jermaine O'Neal have ceased being star players at relatively young ages due to wear and tear on their knees. Maybe that won't happen to Chris Paul, but maybe it will. Now when you add in the possibility that the Celtics could trade for Chris Paul and he'd be gone in July, I think it's a no brainer to pass on him. Danny thinks otherwise I guess.

Danny either must feel that he can convince Chris Paul to re-up with Boston next Summer or Danny really wants Rondo gone. Now there is another wrinkle to this. Not only might the Celtics be trading Rondo (at $11 mil per) for Chris Paul (at $20 mil per), but the Celtics might have to kick in even more assets, whether that's draft picks or players. This makes the trade even more lopsided in my opinion. Again Chris Paul is arguably the all around top point guard in the league right now, so I can't blame anyone that wants him. I just feel the cost is too high.

Despite what you might hear from Ainge, don't expect this rumor to die until Paul signs his next contract.

JR 12/05/2011 08:10:00 PM Edit
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  1. Jenda says:

    I can see this as a push against the Lakers. So they'd have to give up more in order to get Paul. If it's anything else, I don't see the point.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This trade rumour is garbage

  3. Anonymous says:

    Paul give you instant scoring this year...Rondo is a great passer but a PG that shoot 50% at the line????

  4. Jay says:

    I really hope they dont do this..

  5. Anonymous says:

    If The Celtics trade Rajon Rondo for Chris Paul, I will become a Laker fan the minute it happen

  6. tb727 says:

    This trade gives the Celtics a chance at winning it all for 2012. As I've said since they were beaten by Miami, they need a top player to compete with top players Wade and James. Rondo is a top 5 point guard, Paul is a top 5 player. Truly hoping Ainge can pull this off as I'd also expect Dwight Howard to follow Paul to Boston next year too.

    Paul will win 2012 MVP, Celts finish with the best record in the league and win the title.

  7. KayCee says:

    I don't want the Celtics to trade Rondo, period. I get that no one man should be above the bettering of the team and I'm good with that. But you also have to look at what is best for the team, and in my opinion, this isn't the season to be trading core pieces. We're already working with a shortened season and one of the biggest pros of the team as is, is the chemistry and the bond and familiarity they already have, especially in a shortened season. Professionals are not, it still takes tine to gel

  8. Gigi says:

    OMG! Why are stories like this the first ones I read when I visit here!!
    Not again.. -___-

  9. Anonymous says:

    I beleive Ainge is still trying to get a deal to get Rondo traded,hopefully it will not happen. Ainge is like the Pres. George Bush of Basketball when is his damn term up sheesh

  10. Anonymous says:

    Do it. Rondo can't be the centerpiece of any team! He's good, but we need better.

  11. Dirtyundeese says:

    If danny makes this trade he should be fired!!!
    The celtics need scoring at the center and rest for ray,not a point gaurd.Danny should be focused on building the bench rather then looking at cp3 and his weak ankles and old knees

  12. Anonymous says:

    Poll speaks for itself

  13. Anonymous says:

    I am skeptical of this whole thing as well. I have to agree that CP3 would defnately make us a better team overall. Offensivelly it would allow us to move the ball and create space a lot easier than now. There are 2 ways to look at this. 1 it would make us better, and he would enjoy playing in New England; + his name alone would attract better free agents to our ball club. 2 He doesn't work out as well, and he leaves. I guess the second option would mean that next year we would only win maybe 30 games. But think about it this way; imagine at the end of conferrence finals; Miami or Chicago would have to leave 1 of our big 4 open. They would have to worry about us offensivelly just as much as we worry about them.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Bottom line is; i fully trust DA. He made us a winning team; we should have had 3 rings rather than 1 by now. Unfortunately KG got hurt on his second year w us; and i trully believe that the Celtics were robbed on that game 7 against the Lakers. They had more free throws in the 4th quarter than we had the whole game; don't tell me PP or RR were not going to the basket whithout being fouled.

  15. (I chose the last option in the poll)

    I REALLY dont understand why people are saying "If we get Paul we have a better shot at being the 2012 champs." In the previous years, SIZE was the key to winning (in 08 and in the 2010 finals run). And Paul is shorter than Rondo too - by an inch. But that inch still counts. lol

    Now why - all of a sudden - is it that if we get Paul we are 'that much' better? All we would be getting is a PG that can shoot & doesnt play as good defense as our current PG.

    Im NOT (N-O-T) a Chris Paul hater by any means. Like i said (and i still believe) he is the best - or most complete - pg in nba, BUT his knees are like 10 yrs older than him - and we DONT need that.

    Danny needs to be looking for young backup big men instead of trying to unnecessarily swap pgs.

    Let Paul go to NY or LA or wherever.

    Rondo does not need to be traded.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Amen PBB...couldn't have said it better



  17. coco says:

    Couldn't have said it any better PBB! Stop trying to get Romdo traded.

  18. Bohemian says:

    I think that either we trade for Paul soon or we just stop this now. These rumors will hurt Rondo and the team chemistry if they persist.

    As I said before, we will have for sure one of the top 3 PG´s in the competition so it´s all good news. It´s a matter of perspective for the future. We don´t know what Ainge thinks of this team in the summer of 2012.

    We will see. I voted for "yes" to the Paul trade, though I really like Rondo a lot. I just think that with just the MLE of 3 million (that we want to spend on Baby, apparently) and the veteran min contracts may be it won´t be enough to make our team strong enough to beat Miami, LA (with Dwight or Paul), Dallas... Ainge may decide to alter our squad in that direction, though it is very scary particularly after the Perk trade (which destroyed our team)

  19. kunzang says:

    only coming back here once all this bullshit ends and season starts!!!
    till then adious amigos/amiga

  20. Anonymous says:

    Let's think people. Why with this much of a season left would we ever make any rash decisions of giving up one of our star players. Let's be for real Rajon isn't going anywhere and obviously you don't believe it cause you're still in the mindset that they might trade him. No one and I mean no one gets on live TV and deliberately tells you that they love someone and then trades them off. One thing you have to know about Boston, which any Boston fan would know, "it's not about money, it's about how you play the game."

  21. Anonymous says:

    I am a diehard celtics fan for life and the reality of this trade is to compete for the title in what will more than likely be the last year for the big three to be togther. This shortened season favors the C's and our older legs and as people have mentioned CP3 and his ailing knees. It really is now or never for us for that next title because next year ,with or without onem KG,Ray and PP will take a long hard look at retirement. As someone mentioned it will be difficult to build a team around Rondo so as Boston fans we need to ready ourselevs for the next 5 years of building another championship contender. I love Rondo's energy,heart and comittment but if the trade makes sense (and I am leaning towards the fact that it may)I say go for it.

  22. Anonymous says:

    whats the difference between option 2 and option 4?

  23. Option 2 means that this is a bad trade. Option 4 means that you would never trade Rondo no matter what the offer is.

  24. QD says:

    I say trade him, maybe he'll be happy with some team that really wants him(that is, if this is true) at least he won't have to hear all this BS constantly. I'll watch him where ever he goes, because I love watching the guy play, but I'll continue to watch the C's as well. I figure that I can be a C's fan, and despise DA as well. I'm just sick and tired of the rumors/talk.

    PS: When he comes back and lights the C's up for the biggest TRIP DUB ever, I'll be standing in my chair, yelling SUCK MY IMAGINARY #!$* DANNY!!! Lol!

  25. joserra says:

    Bullshit, Rondo is clearly better than Paul. Paul is such a bad player that he couldn't be even in Sixers.

  26. JR says:

    QD please videotape the ps scene. Thanks :)

  27. QD says:

    Lol, JR. Will do, I'll be holding my imaginary package in one hand a flipping off the TV with the other. It'll probably go viral.

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