I want to start off by saying Rajon Rondo is my fourth favorite Celtic of all time behind Larry Legend, Paul Pierce, and the ginger wonder(Scalabrine). I by no means want to see him go. However, the fact is Chris Paul is a better basketball player and point guard than Rajon Rondo. Paul on a team with 3 hall of famers would dominate. His best player on the Hornets is David West. When healthy he is the best point guard in the league aside from maybe Derrick Rose. You do what you need to do to get him.

Besides that, bringing in Paul would entice Dwight Howard to come to Boston, which is the only chance the Celtics have of competing for a title for the next 10 years. Many people are talking about chemistry issues if Rondo leaves. Reality check people. The Big 3 are old. They have one more year, maybe 2 of being top flight NBA players. After that we are left with Rondo and Jeff Green and at best a 7 seed in the playoffs. If that is what you want then fine, but that is the reality of the situation.

Also, this foul shooting problem Rondo has is really inhibiting him from being an elite player in this league. You can't have your point guard shoot 50% from the free throw line and expect to win consistently against the best teams.

Being a sports fan is heartbreaking. We grow attached to our favorite players and never want to see them leave no matter if it is the right move or not. As much as I love Rondo, if we can get Chris Paul in a trade for him the Celtics need to do it. I know I will be catching a lot of heat for that, but I am a Celtics fan at the end of the day and want whats best for the team no matter who we may have to lose.

Karl Dillinger 11/30/2011 09:04:00 AM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    There are rumours Ray-Ray is being explore, and why shouldnt he when your the 3pt king at this age, teams would wanna do their best to get you. But..... you dont trade away our best 3pt shooter in our roster. Allen has saved us so many times and father time has not shown himself with him... ridiculous im all in for the Rondo trade if we can lure in Howard.. But Allen??? im not sure man..

  2. Celtics Fan For Life says:

    I'd trade anyone other then the Big 3...if any of the Big 3 were traded it'd be a heartbreaker. I by an means would trade Rondo for CP3 in a heartbeat ONLY if he would agree to sign an extension. But I have a feeling Dwight Howard is going to be traded to the Nets and therefore ruin any chance of the Celtics acquiring him. Get CP3 Ainge for the good of the Boston Celtics and to better our chances to raise Banner 18!

  3. JR says:

    Researching this the past 24 hrs I don't believe that if we traded rondo for Paul we'd also sign Howard. Orlando is going to trade him before he walks. I don't think CP3 is worth 9 million a year more than rondo. That's 9 million we could use on a stud center.

  4. JR says:

    Lol at the "ginger wonder" nickname.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you but I don’t think the trade can happen unless the a 3rd team is involved so the hornets can get some other young pieces in the trade. Also, Ainge said he isn’t doing the trade unless Paul signs a long term extension which I don’t think he will because the big three are in the last years of their prime…..if they do get him its game over they will win the Championship IF he stays healthy.

    What do you think the damage will be if they don’t trade him now that it’s out there?

    I would put Westbrook up there in the top tier of point guards, he is still young and years away but he is more explosive than any of those players and people forget he is only 23 so he is a couple years younger than Paul and Rondo.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What's does it mean "Rondo is my fourth Celtic of all time?"

  7. Fourth favorite(typo) Sorry!

  8. Todor says:

    "The Big 3 are old. They have one more year, maybe 2 of being top flight NBA players. After that we are left with Rondo and Jeff Green and at best a 7 seed in the playoffs."

    SO... after the "Rondo trade" and after one or maybe 2 years we are left with CP3 and Jeff Green isn't it the same ? CP3 ISN'T better player (OR PG) than Rondo. And I dont believe that with or without CP3 we are going to sign Howard..

    Sorry for my bad english

  9. Anonymous says:

    Trading rondo is a good idea to me. Rondo has excellent court vision and can pass the pass better than most guards. Chris Paul on the other hand can do the same but most importantly is a threat from the 3 point line, which rondo is not. With the big 3 getting older it right to have a guard who can score from outside, mid-range, get inside the paint and dish out to open players. If we can't get dwight howard, there is the option the get tyson chandler or even Nene.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Todor I understand what you are say. BUT, ray allen and kevin garnett and big baby's (and i think jeff green aswell) contract expire at the end of the season. That leaves the celtics with a LOT of cap space. If i know danny ainge, he wouldnt hesitate to get rebuild again.

  11. worddddddddd says:

    JR, I totally agree with you. Props for that

  12. Todor says:

    He can get rebuild with Rondo in the team. We saw that CP3 can't make a team better by himself (with sh*tty team) so after the big 3 retirement if we dont get good enough players I think Rondo will hold off the entire team and manage to keep us in Top 3 on the East and I dont think CP3 can do this.. Rondo is just so unselfish player and I dont think it's because of his shooting this is just the way he plays

  13. Anonymous says:

    I haven't heard these rumors of Ray being possibly traded. Where's the link to prove this?

  14. Todor says:


    End of the Story

  15. Anonymous says:


  16. Anonymous says:

    First he gets rid of a good young center in perkins and now this...
    This trade isnt worth it because chris Paul wont sign a long trem contract with boston. No point having him just for the season.

  17. I agree. This was posted before I heard about the no long term contract. Potential deal is dead.

  18. Anonymous says:

    haha...rondo is good but cp3 is not going there..even if he did, what pieces do you have to trade for howard? magic wont trade him for a couple 35 year olds...and also there are too many solid offers being talked about that the celtics could match..and before i go, in a couple years the celtics will only be fighting for that 8th seed cuz the wiz kids are making moves!!john wall is looking super nice these days and should carry us for a while
    top pgs in order
    cp3, rose, westbrook, wall, nelson, rubio, then rondo

  19. Anonymous says:

    Whoever just put that last comment putting rondo behind westbrook, wall, nelson, and rubio, probably doesn't even watch basketball or know what the point guard position is. Rubio hasn't played in the NBA yet, nelson is past his 18 month prime, wall shouldn't be mentioned in that category YET, westbrook has a very good team to play with and struggles to win consistently because he's a strong and raw scorer forced to play the point guard position. The top five point guards go like this: Rose (I HATE Rose, but he's a freaking stud), Paul, Williams, Rondo, and probably Nash. It doesn't seem like Ainge will be able to make any blockbuster trades, now that the Paul trade is dead. So we'll probably just get some nice additions through the free agency, hopefully Davis doesn't milk too much money out of Ainge, he's not worth being paid handsomely because of the headache he causes. Hopefully we don't lose Green, we should at least be able to see if he can contribute at a high level (like he says he can) after giving up Perkins and Robinson for him. If we add some nice size through the free agency, and get jeff green playing to his ability, I think we can have a similar season to the Spurs in 2007, especially since the season+a finals run would be roughly just longer than the length of a regular 82 game season.

  20. Anonymous says:

    First of all I love rondo. He is an assist Legend and a walking highlight reel! The celtics can add some good talent without messing with big3 this year. I really think if they stay healthy especially kg then we can make a run in the playoffs! Good luck celtics me and my wife love you guys all the way from Ohio ! And rondo is one of our favorites considering his performance in the playoffs last year. When he dislocated his elbow . That was amazing and he is probably my favorite Celtic because he is so tough and a competitor .

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