Rasheed is #8 in the video and is getting dunked on repeatedly by Doc's son Austin (who by the way would look great in green). After putting up with Rasheed for a year, I'm sure the Rivers payback brought a smile to Doc's face.

Credit Celtics Town for the original find.

JR 7/09/2011 01:27:00 PM Edit
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  1. MaccyGee says:

    Well, more dunked... Around. Don't get me wrong though, still impressive! Love to see that guy in green...

  2. Anonymous says:

    docs son wont be in green for a very long time. plus u cant even see him face u can only assume cus it looks very alike

  3. Bohemian says:

    Sheed doesn't look so out of shape...what if he comes back to the C's??? :P

    I would sign a 36 year old Sheed over a 29 year old Kwame right now

  4. 40 Year Old Rasheed Wallace > Kendrick Perkins in his wildest dreams. Sorry ya'll.

  5. JR says:

    Have you been hanging out with Michael Beasley again?

  6. wordddd says:

    Lol @ jesses comment

  7. Sheeds just out there messing around. I wouldnt be surprised if he made a return to the C's for one more run at it after the trade deadline

  8. Jenda says:

    Well said JR. Jesse you must have an amnesia or something.

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