Well ... he did mention he was willing to sacrifice a ton of his earnings for the players union and sit out the entire season. But I'd rather see The Big Ticket in action elsewhere, say in a tag team match with a Celtic champ and fan favorite ... or one-on-one with The Great Khali.

After all, quoting a post on their page: "The NBA and NFL are both in or facing season-ending lockouts. WWE = 52 weeks a year ... NO LOCKOUTS!"

Makes logical sense for a primal beast in the green jungle like 'ol KG to take his talents there ... and even probably be a champion for a couple of months.

Then again, there might be other talents who can better fit the bill (cough, LeBron), stay there and might just make a brighter career than basketball! Best place for anyone who wants drama and craves attention to their heart's desire.

If that happens, we might need to make a poll on his finishing maneuvers.

(p.s. Everything But Belief is also in "lockout mode". eVersion now only $1.95)

Gerald Alden 7/01/2011 10:34:00 PM Edit
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  1. Stanley Fisher says:

    Hey who stole my great unkle the JOHN CENA

  2. DH says:

    WWE is too scripted for KG. I see KG more as a pure athlete who needs to feel real emotion in his sport as opposed to scripted entertainment. Would rather see him fight MMA but I am biased!

  3. Anonymous says:

    TY for naming The Great Khali :)
    -A proud Celtics fan from India :D

  4. luworks says:

    please I dont like any of this but it is happening,.I only want to see KG in GREEN!

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