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Finally. It seems ridiculous that all these players are planning to go overseas and the lockout has barely lasted a month.

I guess football players are tougher than basketball players in more ways than once. You didn't see NFL players talking about jumping over to the CFL as soon as that lockout started.

The two sides are supposed to meet on Wednesday, which will be the first time they've met since June 30th.

NBA.com's Steve Aschburner:

Next week's session is expected to include key figures, from commissoner David Stern and deputy commissioner Adam Silver to NBPA executive director Billy Hunter and NBA players. Two meetings in July to finalize calculations related to 2010-11 basketball-related income (BRI) on which the NBA's player-compensation system is based were attended by staff members from both sides.

Michael Saver 7/31/2011 09:40:00 AM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Really? The NFL lockout from what I'd read was not intended to be too entirely serious. Only 126ish days. A lot of people who are NBA anaylsts or some how make $ off knowing a thing or two about basketball doubt the NBA will be back before Christmas unless there is a lot of success in the talks. There isn't much hope for that, we are all wishful but to compare the lockouts is like comparing the two sports to each other. Frankly, you can't. NFL players didn't talk over seas options cause no one was really talking "No NFL season at all" just maybe a short season. NBA is talking "maybe no 2011-2012 season at all since they parties are on oppsite ends". So that's seems like a silly comparison. Not that I enjoy players going over sea at all - but considering after a month of lock out and not even a single talk ? Id be a little worried also.

  2. Hey you young whipper-snapper don't give me that bullshit with the NBA starting in 1949, respect your elders punk!!

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