And the Nets, Rockets, and Magic according to Wojo at Yahoo Sports.  It appears the Hawks are beginning to explore the possibility of moving him.

KG and/or Ray Allen are the names mentioned to be wanted by Hawks GM.

So would you be interested in the Celtics acquiring J Smoove?  At what price?

tb727 6/21/2011 09:19:00 AM Edit
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  1. tb727 says:

    In hindsight I shouldn't have put the last option in lol. Everyone will vote that and it's VERY unrealistic. Should've kept it to the top 4.

    For the record I voted absolutely not because I don't think Smith is a difference maker on a big-time team. Poor jump shooter, a bit undersized for the 4 spot (which hurts against the bigger teams) and even though he's athletic as hell I feel he still doesn't have a goto move 7 years into the league

  2. Imran says:

    I don't mind as long as we don't give up a starter. He'll probably want to start though!

  3. Lorilei says:

    Read comments on various sites, some C fans are willing to give up Ray, but I'm not sure. I'm kind of undecided on this. =\

  4. Jenda says:

    The only thing he's known for is being on a highlight reel. That's nice but no match for KG or Ray Ray and Atlanta is not trading away their starting big man for Jeff Green (oh, yes offense Danny).

  5. Anonymous says:

    thats easy ray would turn 36 this year we need to get younger

  6. ThomasJ says:

    tb I agree with your description of Smith. I picked the last option only because even tho it is unrealistic it is the only deal I would do.

  7. Rondo>DFlower says:

    i would only take Smith if we keep Ray and KG. Smith would be great for the bench, although that still wouldn't solve our problem with bench scoring.

  8. lol @tb's first comment. I voted the last option.

    He isn't an undersized PF. He is 6'10 w/very good D.
    Yea - his jumper isn't good - but it deff has been improving. Last season he wasn't shy to take the three point shot and a lot of them were made.
    He also is a dunking machine - he make the Gardens roof blow off whenever he wants!

    If there is a way we could get him w/o trading ANY of the Big 4, I would be all for it.

  9. Chaz says:

    I voted absolutely not simply because I hate the entire Hawks organization. I think Smith and Horford are some of the biggest punks in the NBA, and there's no way in hell I want a guy like that with the Celtics.

  10. Anonymous says:

    the fans that say lose ray aren't fans at all... or they basketball IQ is severely low. THATS OUR BEST OFFENSIVE PLAYOFF PLAYER for possibly the worst offensive undersized 4 man in the league. How did Al Horford beat J Smith to a jumpshot lol c'mon now

  11. ThomasJ says:

    Yes he is a dunking machine but even the super athletic need to put the work in to develop a go to move (see: LeBron James)

  12. JR says:

    lol at Jenda's "yes offense Danny" line.

  13. Anonymous says:

    You guys really don't understand how important Ray Allen is to this team. Ray Allen > Josh Smith any fucking day

  14. Anonymous says:

    only for glen davis!
    Trade for RayRay or KG is forbidden!

  15. Anonymous says:

    How about josh smith and sign and trade of jamal crawford for ray and a sign and trade of big baby. I would do that. Very tough to make it happen I understand. But only trade I would consider.

  16. Anonymous says:

    THIS IS A NO BRAINER. KG & Big Baby for Josh Smith.

    DEFIANTLY keep RayRay..

  17. Anonymous says:

    honestly out of those teams, take orlando out of the mix possibly and most likely us as well, that leaves you with rockets and Nets. I dont see him going to the Rocket, one they dont have the assets to make this, and now that the Nets have deron Williams, and ovsly they want to keep him, so Nets have the money and punch for this. dont be surprised if he ends up a Net. The East is stacking up.... So getting younger is not a primary goal just yet. I'd like to see him in green but can he come off the bench?? this will most likely draw up the pierce or allen willing to come off the bench deal. it does brings a lot of interest though.

  18. Dj says:


  19. JR says:

    Why would Atlanta trade a very good player for a collection of garbage? You have to give to get.

    Only way you can get a guy like Smith without moving the Big 4 is to trade Jeff Green, the Clippers pick, and a few more picks and that would only be if the Hawks just wanted to move Smith to pay Horford. And even if they did agree, the contracts wouldn't match.

  20. dmcinern says:

    KG may emotionally be the leader for the celtics.... but come on !! josh smith is about ten years younger and would be way more productive running the break with rondo and just overall offensivily.... KG is too old he will prob be injured majority of the season... it just seems he is never 100 % j smooth for kg is a steal

  21. I think the Hawks would defenitely do it for Jeff Green. He fits in with that team nice, he can space the floor for Iso-Joe, and he's used to playing off a superstar scorer.

    I love Jeff Green, and I really like the idea of Josh Smith being reunited with Rondo... I'm kindof torn on this.

  22. JR says:

    I don't know why you love Jeff Green so much Jesse. He didn't seem to do to good a job spacing the floor on the C's. He seems like he needs the ball in his hands to do anything. Atlanta would take a huge step back going from Smith to Green. They'd lose a shot blocker and much better rebounder.

    If Danny could trade Green for Smith I'd take back 90% of the mean things I've said about him. Only problem is that Green is a FA, so it would be hard to sign and trade him for Smith.

  23. JR says:

    Yeah dmcinern in terms of the future of the franchise a Smith/KG deal is a no brainer for the Celtics. The reason most people are against the deal is mainly for sentimental reasons. The thing is I believe Smith needs to play next to a great defensive center. Maybe we can then trade Green back to OKC for Perk. ;)

    Smith and KG's contracts don't match up. Maybe we could get Zaza thrown in.

  24. Bohemian says:

    We were looking for an athletic PF and Smith fits with that description. The problem is that in order to get him we would need to break the big 4.

  25. Bohemian says:

    And I wouldn't break it. The same as I wouldn't have traded Perk, of course

  26. Anonymous says:


  27. Jeff Green and a first round pick should be all it takes for Atlanta to move Josh Smith. He is a great player but he has never been an all-star. On top of that Atlanta is trying to reduce payroll, and picking up Jeff Green will help them stretch the floor, he is athletic and versatile.

  28. ThomasJ says:

    I know Smith is younger and more athletic than KG, but I don't see it moving us closer to championship contention without adding a bunch of other pieces. He's not a leader or go to player. Exciting, yes, but I don't see the impact worth moving KG.

    I guess I'm just too biased and want to see the Big Ticket end his career in green.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Smith can be the PF and Garnett to Center....

  30. Anonymous says:

    We need start focusing on the Celtics future. Not on what we have right now. We need young players.

  31. Anonymous says:

    The main reason we got Jeff Green is to play SF as a back up for Pierce against LeBron and Carmelo.
    Although he didn't do great during the playoffs he'll be much better with training camp under his belt.
    Danny Ainge is keeping the big 4 and Jeff Green in my opinion.
    Celtics with Josh Smith off the bench would be great
    I say
    Sign and Trade Glen Davis, Avery Bradley, Troy Murphy, Carlos Arroyo, all the picks, and money for Josh Smith.

    P.S I couldn't stop laughing when i wrote this LMFAO

    Hopefully Atlanta is stupid enough to agree.


  32. Anonymous says:

    is there ay hope in this or am i delusional
    Josh Smith $12,400,000
    Glen Davis sign and trade $8,487,520
    Avery Bradley $1,524,480
    2012 First round
    2012 First Round (Clippers)
    Trade exception $2,388,000

  33. Anonymous says:

    nooooo anonymous.celtics should trade big baby and carlos arroyo for josh smith.celtics cant waste a draft.

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