Draft Express.com has updated their mock draft and now have Marshon Brooks as the Boston Celtics pick at 25 in the first round of this year's draft.

Brooks finished his senior season at Providence as the nation’s second leading scorer with an average of 24.6 points per game.

At 6'5", 195 pounds Brooks is a natural shooting guard who actually shoots pretty well and can score by creating his own shot off the dribble. His 7’1” wing span is put to great use as Brooks averaged 7 rebounds, 1.5 steals and 1.2 blocks. Very high averages for a shooting guard. Scoring is obviously something teams covet but being versatile is the key to a lengthy NBA career and Brooks has proven to be that in college.

Players entering the draft are often compared to a current or semi-current player in the NBA and with Brooks the comparisons are vast. Jordan Crawford, Nick Young, Josh Howard, and even the great Kobe Bryant are some of the names being thrown around in relation to Brooks. Before we fall off our chair with laughter, the Kobe comparisons were made more in reference to the demeanor/swag of Brooks rather than play on the court. Draft Express also made mention to Paul George which is the player I would most think Brooks resembles now down to their body types.

Having played in arguably the nation’s best conference in the Big East, Brooks has faced his fare share of quality competition. Unfortunately, his teams have not fared nearly as well as he has individually. That said he is great off the dribble and handles the ball better than most shooting guards. His “herky-jerky” motion allows for a great hesitation dribble and surprisingly effective cross over. He has good body control and is able to finish at odd angles when help defense comes to stop him. With averages of 48% from the floor and 34% from three, scoring should not be a problem for Brooks at the next level. He has the physical gifts to be a pesky defender and despite average quickness his length allows him to block shots from the weak side and at times from behind if he gets beat.

On the negative side, despite having long arms he doesn’t have a high release on his shot. Brooks is not a great leaper and will have to use his good body control to finish around the more talented bigs in the NBA. He will need to get a bit bulkier to be able to finish with contact in the league. The offense at Providence was centered around him, so he hasn’t had to make players around him better in a while now. There are also some questions about his attitude. Third person references and a strong bravado have steered some scouts and GMs away.

At the draft combine a few weeks ago Brooks was on his best behavior and seemed like a player who wants to fit into whatever system he is drafted into. He also makes clear mention to eventually becoming a big time player at some point and I don’t think he should be faulted for that desire.

Although some teams have been turned off by his perceived attitude, others are chomping at the bit to acquire him. The stock of Brooks is on the rise and the lowly Cleveland Cavaliers are rumored to be trying to get another pick in the first round with Brooks as their target. The Charlotte Bobcats are also rumored to be interested with the 19th pick and that probably is a good fit based on their need. Brooks would challenge for a starting role immediately but paring him with Stephen Jackson just doesn’t seem like the best idea.

We here at Celtics Life all want the best for our team and have differing opinions on what the immediate team need is. Rebounding and bench scoring are at the top of my list. Brooks is a capable rebounder and could be a great scoring option off the bench. I think he would be a steal at 25 and I trust Doc Rivers would able to keep whatever ego Brooks may have in check.

You can check out all of Celtics Life draft coverage here.

WShaw 6/07/2011 03:32:00 PM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I go to Providence and Marshon told people on campus this spring that he does not want to play for the Celtics.

  2. Rondo>me says:

    good. we don't want a guard. we need a big man. they need to stop looking at guards and look at the bigs. if we don't get a decent big that can rebound and play post D, with our first pick this draft will be a failure for the celtics.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah this guy is a Lakers and Kobe fan. Keep him away.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I go to Providence as well and I am not a fan of Marshon Brooks. Don't believe this tomfoolery, his stats are overinflated because he was the designated go-to player for PC, a team that did not have any players. He lacked defense in college and can only shoot the three. With that said the Celtics need to stop looking at garbage guards. Boston has been unlucky when drafting at that position and we never hold onto the guards we draft e.g. Gerald Green, JR Giddens.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Boston needs better big men. Glen Davis' future in Boston is uncertain and we need a man who can turn it on throughout the regular season and playoffs. I was a fan of Big Baby but he never showed up until the final game against Miami.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I do believe that Doc can keep Brooks' ego in check and playing alongside Ray Allen would be a humbling experience for him.

  7. wordaapp says:

    "The great kobe bryant." What is this lakerslife.com?

  8. WShaw says:

    The great Kobe Bryant was a sarcastic remark. I loathe Kobe.

    In any event as has been stated in all the draft profiles Boston needs multiple things. There are not a lot of great bigs in this draft. So you could draft an average one at 25 or get a just as average one later. I am certainly not on the Marshon Brooks bandwagon but if he is the best player available when the C's pick why a take big just for the hell of it?

  9. Jay Bilas says:

    Did someone say "wingspan?"

  10. Anonymous says:

    well, thank goodness that the pro teams know what they are doing and won't be needing any help from a couple of you here......a couple of you naysayers should just try to be happy for someone else...Marshon deserves all the credit in the world for his many accomplishments. Can any of you score 46 points against a tough Notre Dame in a single game? hardly.

    the pros know what to do and who they want or need. Good luck Marshon!

  11. Dominic says:

    Nice column. Would love to have Brooks in the green!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I meant 52 points against Notre Dame. ND's coach Mike Brey put everyone on him to try to stop him and couldn't - this was Coach Brey's statement to the media after the game....

  13. Anonymous says:

    Brooks doesn't have an ego problem and those third person references are made up. The only person who ever mentioned that was the guy from DraftExpress, not Chad Ford or anyone else who covers the draft. DraftExpress was also the last of all the mock drafts to move Brooks into the first round so take that for what it's worth. Sure, you can say his stats were inflated but he played on a team with no offensive system and basically created all of his shots for himself and still shot 48%. With that said I'm not sure he fits a need for the Celtics and I highly doubt he will be available when it's their turn to pick.

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