As Rondo>Me from the CelticsLife.com Shoutbox pointed out, Glen "Big Baby" Davis has started the Ayo Baby Blog where he logs his summer workouts (or lack thereof).

The first installment (embedded above) includes Big Baby at the gym sitting on his butt and he shows us what he is eating. In the second installment (after the jump), Davis is doing some speed and agility drills. Big Baby's Youtube station where all of his current and future videos can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/user/iambigbaby11.

There has been much debate whether Celtics fans would like to see Big Baby resigned next season. Many became frustrated with his poor play and post-game comments upon the Celtics' elimination from the playoffs. Others feel that his contributions throughout the year were stellar, as he was in the running for Sixth Man of the Year, and we should look at the whole picture and not just the post season.

How do you feel about whether the Celtics should resign Glen Davis? And what does Celtics Nation think of Baby's workout attempts? Leave your comments below.


DH 6/06/2011 10:50:00 PM Edit
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  1. Makes me feel like I'm in better shape then Big Moobs Baby.

    I cant hate the dude cause he practically came from the bottom and raised himself but be serious. Maturity...do you think about it?

  2. DH says:

    I absolutely love Big Baby and his personality. I am one of the people that doesn't want to lose him because I think we haven't seen him use his full potential yet.

    But if you are going to make a workout blog, I think it should include more working out and less sitting around!

  3. Jenda says:

    there is almost no way we can get someone better for similar amount Baby can be asking. Everybody knows he's quite immature but his regular season numbers were always solid and only started decreasing in the moment Rondo's numbers went to shitter.
    Do you want to trade Rondo because he played shitty for the most of second half of the season? Thought so.

  4. Bohemian says:

    I think the question is if Glen Davis wants to remain a Celtics with the conditions we all know: low price. Danny wants Baby back, just as we wanted Tony or Perk. That is, he will low ball Baby and everybody knows the situation will get ugly. Either he will settle for low money (as he did last time) or he will try somewhere to : a)have the success Tony has had b) avoid being traded somewhere in the middle of the season.

    In my opinion it all depends on the market out there, for the Celtics and for Davis himself. If Danny can target a player with a MLE type of money but on a current contract he could sign and trade Baby to do it. Combined with a pick and some filler it could guarantee him someone who currently makes 6-7 million bucks...there could be someone out there, who knows? :)

    I like Baby but I think both him and the team could part ways

  5. ThomasJ says:

    I've been saying I think baby's window of top level play as well as his potential are seriously limited by being overweight with lack of self discipline so big money while extending him will be a waste. Name the last fat player who had a long, productive career. Even Shaq's all-time great run ended with broken down seasons exacerbated by his extra weight and lack of fitness.

    You really want to pay future millions for a chubby clown giving short bursts of productive minutes with no vertical even in his prime?

  6. wordaapp says:

    Its imminent. Danny lowballs hard, baby leaves for bigger bank and bigger role. Hes a great role player, thats obvious. His appetite for spotlight could likely get the best of him

  7. DH says:

    I just hope that Danny learns from what happened with Tony Allen. It would suck if Baby leaves for a smaller market team like TA did and then play really, really well when we could have had him.

  8. Boy sure am missing my Celtics right now.. Lets hope Baby is still blogging his workouts and comes back in great shape... and danny signs him up

  9. There you go Baby.. Lets get ready for B-Ball whenever it comes back..

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