The above video is a 2011 NBA Finals Remix of the original "LeBrick House" video created in March of 2011, which was dedicated to LeBron James missing clutch shots. The remix contains only NBA Finals game and press footage about LeBron bricking and choking when it counted the most.

Special thanks to wtf, Q.D., and wordaapp for helping to find some of the clips used in this segment.

About Afternoon Delight:
Every day at 3 pm Eastern time, celticslife.com posts an original humorous creation for your delight. Check back tomorrow for more!

Danielle Hobeika 6/14/2011 02:55:00 PM Edit
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  1. (watched it earlier today.lol)
    GREAT video, DH!

  2. wordaapp says:

    loll awesome vid dh!! no need to credit me though i really didnt help lol

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well done!!!!

  4. coco says:

    LOL!!! Brilliant as usual, DH. Looking forward to the one tomorrow.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well done DH, once again, I have enjoyed watching LeBrick Shames, choke in critical moments.

    I hope Scottie Pippen is hiding somewhere because his comments about LeBrick being like or better than Jordan is going to bite him. The Australian man will come and get you mate LOL

    MJ would have NEVER score 2 points in a 4th quarter.

    Thank God the Heat Lost. Can't get away with being cocky and arrogant all season. Serves them right.


  6. Jenda says:

    true. serves them well after mocking a real superstar like Nowitzki. Pricks. I loved the comment about Pippen. It may be true that Shames (love that as well) is more of a Scottie Pippen than MJ. MJ was THE clutch man, he just won games as he went through them.

  7. Rondo>me says:

    yes, i helped with this. i feel important. ;) lol -wtf

  8. pinsla says:

    you should rename the site to heatlife.com or better bronlife.com

  9. Anonymous says:

    Completely agree with you Jenda, MJ went through all of his games (1998 championship with the flu = epic)


  10. Anonymous says:

    I thought this site was about the Celtics. But its all about Lebron. Remember he who angers you controls you. Also remember that lebron is still very young so dont get your hopes up. He will be champion. A great player to compare him to is MJ. MJ won his first title at 28. Lebron is 26. GG.

  11. Anonymous says:

    MJ lost 2 chances at a title before he turned 28 when they lost the Eastern Conference Finals.

  12. Lol @anon above. This site is about the Celtics (if you have been following this site before today you would know that) hence the name CELTICSlife.com

    And PLEASE stop comparing LeBron to Jordan. LeBron is LeBron & Jordan is Jordan. This video was made just for fun. It was OBVIOUS thatt LeBron was the complete opposite of clutch in these Finals - and that's what this video shows.

    Just because Jordan turned 28 and then went on to win 6 rings doesn't mean it will happen to James by any means.

    If you are an upsett Heat fan, get over it and quit comparing the two, please.

  13. JR says:

    Heat Fans don't know where to go now that their bandwagon has broken down.

  14. I know right?
    They will LOVE my next Afternoon Delight! LOL

  15. Rondo>me says:

    lol look at all these CRYami fans CRYing about us making fun of LeBrick's performance in the finals!

  16. QD says:

    Why do ppl keep using the same regurgitated excuse that MJ was 28 when he won his first title and LBJ is "only" 26.

    Is the age of the player when they win a title what we use to measure their "greatness"? Kobe was 21 when he won his first title, does that make him better than Jordan? Age has nothing to do with it. Remember he's the "CHOSEN 1"(note the HUGE tat scrolled across his back), he's the "King". No one ever said that he'll never win a title. But when you celebrate a season that hasn't begun, because you feel like you have a "super-team" you're bound to be scrutinized when you FAIL.

    P.S. Great ENTERTAINING vid DH.

  17. Jenda says:

    QD has said it perfectly.
    Still I maintain that even before his first championship, MJ played basketball every game he played. I'm not willing to say the same about LeBron and his QUITTING.

  18. Anonymous says:

    @Peanut Butter

    Yes... you compare Lebron with other players.. its logical... Lebron got the heat for what Scottie Pippen said so its only fair to support the comment of a seasoned player and try to understand why he said it... and yes ! Lebron can be greater than MJ hes got the stats and all the talent in the world. Remember if he wasnt one of the two best basketball players in the league he wouldn't got all the hatred he got for joining wade and bosh. Hes an all star period. Your hate or your videos wont change that. You think hes Lebrick bcz he had 21 pts on game 6 lol. Nice brain you got there. All the miami heat members made mistakes including the coach. And for Lebron... Try to think how would it feel that your dream since a little kid is to be loved by basketball fans and be one of the greatest player in the world and then get to a point where billions of fans are rooting for you to fail just bcz of a decision you had the right to make.No player in basketball history has gone trough that. Its easy to point out his failure but no one gives damn on how that affects a player. No player has been hated in any sport as Lebron James. Not even fucking OJ Simpson. You ppl turn the sport into a circus bcz you have nothing better to do with your lives. Lebron was criticized like a rapist before the party they held in Miami. The media cooked your brains. They threw a rotten banana and you monkeys jumped all over it. Its a shame the basketball community has such a low IQ. How can the Celtics fans be so hypocritical after they had their own "big 3"? It really is amazing how the media can manipulate what you think. You are all just a bunch of tools. Its so crazy that no one even knows how they would've reacted if he would've chosen to go play with Derrick Rose. Or are you guys saying that he was doomed to stay in Cleveland? you don't even know what to think your just a bunch of media puppets! GG.

    P.S. I followed you guys on twitter but since its IhateLebronlife.com i went to find my Celtics news elsewhere. Get a brain ASAP. Please note that the Miami fans didn't act like children when the heat melted the Celtics. GG.

  19. Anonymous says:

    There is no question on LeBron's talent. He's extremely athletic and talented, as such the hype that surrounds him.

    However, his extreme arrogance and lack of class and character makes people hate him, as such people celebrate on his failure to live up to his claims (Being the "The Chosen One", "The King").

  20. Anonymous says:

    @anonymous above

    If you really think Lebron is the only ego maniac basketball star that said he was going to be a champion... You were born yesterday my friend. Shaq calls himself Superman! and Kobe the black mamba! lol. Muhammed Ali was probably the most arrogant egomaniac athlete that ever existed and everyone loved him. why? Bcz of how the media handled him. Why don't you hate them? There are some pretty "arrogant" nicknames in basketball too... By your logic you should hate half the sports superstars that ever existed.

    P.S. Why does lebron get along so well with many basketball players? Is it bcz hes an asshole as the media wants you to believe??

  21. Wait a second 'anon' (Heat fan), I didnt call him LeBrick. If you can read - I didnt even create this post. I didnt make this video either.

    Now obviously you cant take a little joke. Nobody 'cooked' our brains. And if you watch ESPN or listen to ESPN radio EVERYBODY is dogging LeBron for not being a clutch player - not just us. We are just making a little fun out of it - just a little humor for our CELTICS FAN visitors.

    You say we have a 'low IQ' and all of this other shit - for what? Making a compilation of videos that had already been seen by the world!? If you are going to be a blind loyalist to the Heat and not see that LeBron struggles in the clutch - you are a fool.

    This is not ihateLeBronlife like you want it to be. We have the freedom to post whatever we want for our viewers. If you dont like - dont watch/view/comment/what ever cause nobody wants to come by and read your whining comments about nonsense.

    Afternoon Delight is supposed to make people laugh/smile - but obviously it made you sad and pissy towards everyone. If all you are going to do is come here and ride LeBrons cock - you are in the wrong place. Again - no one wants to come and read your whining comments.

    btw - NOBODY HERE said James doesnt have talent or he isnt a great player. Obviously he is.

    We are not tools. We are not muppets. We are not fools.

    Please move on from the Finals loss and ENJOY THE ENTERTAINMENT. god damn..

  22. Anonymous says:

    @Peanut butter

    Lol. Dude Ive read many posts about lebron on this site. All of them filled with hate. So pls dont try to wash your hands with the old "everyone is doing it" crap and say you are not a pupppet.DH is a puppet too for making or uplaoding the video. Go make an afternoon delight called "the withering three" on how the celtics choked against lebron & Co in the playoffs. That would be funny also no ? Since this site is not hateful and its all in good fun.

    As i said your hate is irrational and conducted by the media. You cant even make up good reasons for your hatred... LoL.

    I like basketball to be entertaining not stupid hate drama created by the media and fueled by a mindless flock of sheep. Also id like to read about the celtics on a site Called celticslife.com, not about how much you hate lebron.

  23. Anonymous says:

    The media made it possible for a team to be ignored when they win a championship thanks to the mindless fans. No one cares about the mavericks winning the title, they only care lebron lost. LOL! Epic! I hope you get your brains back zombies!

  24. lol - ok dude. you are correct. everything you say is right. we hate lebron. this is now called lebronlife - just for you. and yes, we are tools and zombies or puppets - what ever. lol

    quit acting so sensitive, sheesh. cant take a little joke. everybody makes fun of players. laker fans still make fun of the whole paul pierce wheel chair thing. we take our shots at lebron and kobe. please stop acting like making fun of players is something brand new.

    you will love my next afternoon delight (tomorrow) - it will be dedicated to you (since this is 'lebron life').

  25. Anonymous says:

    @Peanut Butter

    For the record I am a CELTICS FAN! LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your just the childish blog around! I had to educate you.

    GG have a nice "life".

  26. Yes of course - I'm the childish one while you call our columnists puppets and tools- & say we dont have our own lives. -__-
    You did not educate me in any way (i dont know where you you think you taught some one something).

    We will continue to post Afternoon Delights - if you enjoy them, Great! If not, sorry :/

    and if you're such a Celtic fan, why are you praising LeBron so much?

  27. I'm done with this conversation.
    Thank you for visiting CelticsLife!

  28. Anonymous says:

    So if your a celtics fan you cant praise Lebron!?


  29. I guess im not done w/this conversation...? O_o

    I dont see how that makes sense (I'm childish cause i dont praise LeBron), but if you say so. Before, you sounded like an angry Heat fan, then a couple of comments later you say you are a C's fan. I dont know what you are [C's or Heat fan] but you are obviously upset about something we did.

    I dont know what to tell you, but this blog will continue to run whether you like what we post or not (and obviously you didnt like this post - according to your previous comments). If you see another LeBron article/photo/video and you dont like it - oh well.

    Now can this conversation come to a close w/a civilized ending? Or do we need to continue to be 'childish' about this irrelevant topic?

  30. DH says:

    Wow, this comment thread has gotten quite a bit out of hand.

    To address a few things:

    1. There has not been a lot of Celtics news lately since as you probably have noticed, they weren't playing in the finals. So in order to post something daily, new content related to what is currently happening in the NBA is used. And currently, most of that relates to the Mavericks defeating the Heat since draft and free agency signings are all merely speculation at this point.

    2. Regarding the contempt for LeBron, people (myself included) dislike him not because he is a good player not because of his decision as you suggested, but because of his inflated ego and arrogance. You don't see us making a lot of fun of Dwight Howard, who calls himself Superman, because Dwight doesn't act in the same manner LeBron does. Self-confidence is one thing and it's great in sports. Being cocky is also tolerable. But LeBron takes the term "inflated ego" to a completely new level that is exhibited by no other players in the league. Other teams that put together 3 great players didn't have a pre-season ceremony where one of their star players proclaimed that they would win multiple championships. How many other players you know had a special on ESPN just to announce what team they would play for during free agency? It's stuff like this that makes people dislike him, not because of his decision.

    3. If you don't like the content provided on this site, the answer is simple: Don't read it. You can come to the site and click on links to articles in the "Recent Posts" box on the sidebar that are strictly on topics you enjoy reading, and then avoid clicking upon links that you do not wish to look at. No one is forcing you to visit the website or read the LeBron content.

  31. DH says:


    I am subscribed to the comment reply notification and got your last reply even though it looks as though you chose to delete it. I wish you had posted it, as it contained some really interesting points.

    If you would feel more comfortable discussing this topic on a non-public forum, feel free to email me directly at dhobeika@gmail.com since I actually agree with what you said regarding the media's role in LeBron's image and would love to continue the debate.

  32. QD says:

    It's a sad world that we live in, that people can't have a little fun on a website without people getting their feelings hurt.

    The way some people get upset over a little mocking of a player you would think that they were on these players payroll. If the few things on this site can get a rise out of them, then stay away from youtube, ESPeeN, and God forbid they find that pesky little website called iHateLeBronJames.com their heads may explode. It's ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!! Get over it.

  33. Rondo>DRose says:

    anon. if you want celtics news, go to espn boston, celtics.com, etc. you'll get tons of news from them! clearly this site isn't made for people like you. and if you are a celtics fan, you must be like 40+ cause younger people would find stuff like this video quite humorous. you're just stupid and OLD. lol go suck Lebron's cock on Lakernation please.

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