I'm usually the last one to blame losses on refs. I can't stand when fans of opposing teams do it and I can't stand when the same Celtics fans always seem to do it. That said the extra preferential treatment that LeBron got yesterday at the end of a close game irritated me to no end. I'm sure everyone saw the Pierce charge call that should have been a LeBron foul (since LeBron was obviously still moving), but the above play was even worse in my mind. I remember tweeting how he took his crab dribble, then a jump stop, and then used another pivot foot. Talking to Banner 18 in the shout box today he wouldn't even say it was a travel. It was more than that. It was an adventure.

Check the video up above. No one call decides a game? I call BS. In a game that goes to OT, one damn call at the end means a ton. I will never understand why all baseball hitters have the exact same strike zones, but the "elite" NBA stars get to play by their own rules. And you know even if LeBron took two more steps (what would that be 6? 7?) they still wouldn't have called it.

JR 5/10/2011 07:32:00 PM Edit
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  1. Rondo owns Miami says:

    just shows that this series is rigged for Miami. David Stern is a punk. Boston just has to play through it and grind it out one game at a time. hopefully the refs won't blow the next game.

  2. tb727 says:

    That was a solid 3-4 steps, or 1 to 2 more than your allowed.

    I'd say like 3.5

  3. kunzang says:

    we need more videos like dis ok LBJ playing his own game and refs riding along!!!! i should follow LBJ on tweeter and jst tweet him dese videos in a spree!! LOL.....if he has any conscience he will stop playing in the NBA and maybe start his own league...LBJBA?

  4. .chuckT. says:

    LOL kunzang. i agree. he needs his own league.

    @JR - im damn right! that shit was an adventure!

  5. LeBron plays his own game? Yes. Refs should be aware? Yes. Is it revolting? Yes.

    But we are missing the point. We had our calls. Many turnovers in the final plus the lack of aggressiveness on the offensive side costed us this crucial game. Very sad... :-(

  6. Kris says:

    I say while we're at it, why don't we go back and strip Michael Jordan of all his Championships for all the traveling he got away with in his Stern rigged NBA career as well. Oh yeah and Kobe too. I'm just glad the Celtics haven't traveled yet this series. They are all just so technically and fundamentally sound.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Don't most NBA players travel most of the time?

  8. .chuckT. says:

    LOL - heat fans coming here to back up lebron 'heir travelessness' james. lol

    just cut the bull shit - lebron traveled, dammit.

  9. Mike says:

    Oh man that's hella steps. He travels all the time, but that was even more steps than usual. Why is he allowed to do that crab dribble anyways?

  10. Yes, Chuck. But we can't blame this for our loss, don't you think?

  11. JR says:

    Well the thing is Edu this basket happened with 48 seconds left in regulation and the game ended up a tie after 4 quarters, so instead of Pierce holding the ball with 20 seconds left and a tie game it would have been a 2 point lead for the C's and the Heat would be fouling. If we hit two FT's game's over. If we miss a FT the Heat would still have to hit a 3 just to force OT. Major no call here imho.

  12. kunzang says:

    EDU....obviously dats not the only reason we lost!! we gave away the huge lead no doubt...our offense was weak...but remember da game went to OT...if dis basket wasnt counted (which wud be correct)...we wudda WON!!!..so damn right regardless of our weak play..we wudda still won!!...BUT having said dat...lets play harder, tougher and filled wid CELTICS PRIDE...and WIN the series, regardless of how many travellings LBJ does and how many wrong calls the refs make....I KNOW, AND BELIEVE CELTICS CAN DO IT!

  13. .chuckT. says:

    Edu, i dont blame this on the loss, but you can look at Rondo's missed layup that wouldve gave us the lead, then you look at this bucket that shouldve been waved off, you know.

    But no - im not blaming this one specific play on the loss.
    The defense was good down the stretch of the game, but it seemed like everytime the C's got the ball, they turned it over or missed a shot/took a bad shot (PPs potential game winner).

  14. leann says:

    The refs have favored Lebron for years, and in game 1 anyone who touched wade was called out.... Be that as it may, we just have to play our game... Lebron and his merry band of idiots will get what they have coming to them.

  15. Beantown says:

    Yea great post, and I agree I don't want to even talk about the officials anymore. This series has been up and down, but it always cracks me up to hear a Heat fan crying conspiracy. Bosh/Wade/Lebron combined for the most free throws among a trio in NBA history, if I'm a Miami fan I don't bite the hand that feeds. We all know the agenda, home cooking and star treatment always applies. Last years finals, especially game 7 was marred with poor officiating and every game the losing team had something to gripe about. It's really bad for the game.

    This play by Lebron though, it becomes a matter of integrity for the league. LeCharge gets away with enough as it is on both sides of the ball but when you have a guy playing hop scotch and trademarking his own dribbling move, it's pretty much making a mockery of officiating.

  16. JR says:

    lol on the trademarking his own dribbling move.

  17. LeBron travels a lot and gets away with it and it is irritating. But what makes me really mad is the way he gets to dip his shoulder into players and plow them over and get the calls in his favor. It's a charge every time he dips that shoulder and bulls his way to the basket. But, he rarely gets called for it. I really hate that no matter what team they are playing. If David Stern wants to start a respect for the game campaign he should start with that.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The refs are on their knees to lebron cause they want to see him with a ring!!!!!!! But guess what they have to do more then get on their knees cuase even if they win dallas is going to eat their nalgas

  19. Anonymous says:

    thats a hop step which technically is a travel but refs usually don't call it much in the nba, especially in these situations where the game is on the line. everyone travels in the nba not just lebron. That being said he does travel alot (see: crab dribble). Boston still lost though because they could not execute at the end.

  20. QD says:

    Ok, so the ref standing on the sideline next to Wade... WTF was he watching, I mean he's standing there, looking in that direction. How does he not see that... so confused.

  21. phenor jenkins says:

    Lol wow, you pathetic celtic fans crying about the refs? Not surprising.

  22. .chuckT. says:

    wow you pathetic laker fan trolling on this site..smh
    whos crying? lol - you were when LA lost.

    you need to be wondering why your team got swept.
    and also, Bynum needs to see Artests therapist. lmfaooo!!!!

  23. phenor jenkins says:

    You morons have no right to complain about refs. Look at game 2 of the 08 finals, you guys shot 38-10 in free-throws. Leon Powe shot more free-throws then the entire laker team. You see laker fans crying about it? I dont think so. Maybe because laker fan base isn't made up on a bunch of cry babys AKA celtic fans.

  24. phenor jenkins says:

    @ chuckT, you realize Celtics are down 3-1? Celtics lost this series already. The celtics era is over. Sad part is Celtics were one and done champs. Have fun sucking next year!

  25. .chuckT. says:

    owww ouch!! that was quite the insult.
    what are you, in 4th grade? cry babies?

    oh, and your fan base is a bunch of celebrities that dont know anything about this sport - and a bunch of fools than jumped on the 2010 championship bandwagon. -__-

  26. .chuckT. says:

    oh, and you talk about 'crying' HA!
    your star player crys more than an infant. get the fuck outta here w/that argument, please..smh

  27. LuvP2 says:

    Oh how the mighty have fallen phenor.... It seems you have a lot of misplaced anger, why don't you go comment on a lakers page, apparently they have anger issues too.

  28. phenor jenkins says:

    Funny part is you know it's true. You know the celtics are one and done champs, you know this series has been over since celtics were down 2-0, and you def know this era is over. lol you know anything about basketball? Whenever celtics lose you scrubs go to the first excuse."Perkins was injured", "OMG STERN FIXED THE SERIES!!!".

  29. phenor jenkins says:

    Love going on this site, all these ignorant comments make me laugh!

  30. Ronald says:

    Dear Fan,

    You are absolutely correct. And because of these type of calls, unfortunately, we decided not to watch basketball anymore. It appears that it always comes down to the referees.


  31. Anonymous says:

    penis jenkis = Laker fan? LOL

  32. .chuckT. says:

    lol LuvP2. right

    The Lakers dynasty is over - so 'phenor jenkins' comes to this site to tell himself the C's are done too, just so he can feel better about things.

    dude you are pretty pathetic.

  33. tb727 says:

    Hey Phenor I don't hear you discussing the bullshit from Game 7 last year when the fourth quarter was officiated entirely different than the first three quarters, allowing the Flakers to win an NBA title.

  34. phenor jenkins says:

    Hahah, I have one idiot saying i'm in the 4th grade and ur dumb ass comes up with that.

  35. Anonymous says:

    How are the Lakers penis jenkins? Catch any good fish yet?

  36. phenor jenkins says:

    First of all the laker dynasty is not over, You're a moron if you think so. Second of all at least we have a dynasty, and not just a one and done team. and @ tb727, typical cry baby celtic fan. SOMEBODY CALL THE WHHAAAMBULANCE looks like the celDICK fans are crying.

  37. .chuckT. says:

    LOL - its quite funny that lakers and heat fans love this site so much!

    oh about my 4th grade comment - you said all celtics fans are 'cry babies' - doesnt that sound like something a child would say. c'mon man, if youre gonne come here to try and insult someone, you gotta come harder than that.
    LMFAOO!!! pretty sad..

  38. .chuckT. says:

    celdicks, whambulance?! rofl!!!!
    so ridiculous.
    this is entertaining.

  39. Anonymous says:

    @ penis jenkins "WE" who? You play for the Lakers?

    City of Los Angeles - 11 Titles

    City of Boston - 17 titles(ALL WON IN THE SAME CITY)

    Don't take credit for other cities work you phony.

    Where's the 3peat?

  40. Anonymous says:

    @phony jenkins Where's the 3peat? LOL

  41. phenor jenkins says:

    cry babies are the perfect example of a celtic fan. Just read this article and the comments for proof.

  42. tb727 says:

    You're a douchebag Phenor, only score that matters is:

    Celtics 17- Flakers 16

  43. Penis Jenkins says:

    I like Kobe's balls

  44. .chuckT. says:

    yes - we all are cry babies. w/binkies like baby bron bron.
    you arent making your self look any better w/these lame comments about crying and shit..OMG this is funny.
    =D =D =D =D

  45. Anonymous says:

    After the blowout on Sunday, one Laker fan said "Yeah, Lakers don't play good on Sunday games. Dallas just got lucky"


  46. phenor jenkins says:

    2peat >>> one and done. That LA 11 titles is as ignorant as you can get. Celtics won all there titles in a capless league with only 10 teams....pretty god damn pathetic.

  47. .chuckT. says:

    lol @ anon.
    @tb, right
    17 - 16.

  48. phenor jenkins says:

    It's so funny how dumb you guys are. You realize celtics getting outplayed this entire series? Or you guys trying to forget that?

  49. Anonymous says:

    Kobe - "GET ME OUTTA HERE!"

  50. .chuckT. says:

    wtf is a 2peat?!?!!

    its REPEAT!! illiterate..LOL

  51. phenor jenkins says:

    The NBA shouldn't even count championships where they're were only 10 teams and no salary cap.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Lakers got swept. At least Boston managed to win at least one game. CRY ME A RIVER phony penis jenkins!

  53. .chuckT. says:

    "It's so funny how dumb you guys are. You realize celtics getting outplayed this entire series? Or you guys trying to forget that?"

    dude, you cant talk about ANYBODY getting OUTPLAYED in a series.

    The Mavs whipped/mopped/SWEPT the hardwood w/the Lakers..please make a better argument.

    oh, and your lakers didnt fare will against the Heat - 0-2 in the season, so please..c'mon man..smh

  54. Anonymous says:

    @ penis jenkins If thats the case, then then NBA shoudln't count championships from other cities. Your fucking contradicting yourself you piece of plywood.

  55. .chuckT. says:

    LOL @anon..

    ROFL!!!!! jenks is pathetic..

  56. QD says:

    phenor jenkins or maybe aka Jenks. Your Lakers showed their true colors, you should have your head buried in the dirt right now, with the way your beloved Lakers went out. Just embarrassing.

    Anyway why are you hear? Did they shut down lakernation, the way the Mavs shutdown the Lakers.

    And since we're discussing the past, Laker fans should never have anything to say about anyone complaining about refs ... 02 WCF ANYONE? Kobe and Co. was handed that series in a pretty little purple and pissed out bag, tied up in a pretty little bow made out of Sterns pubic hairs. Karma's a bitch, she may be slow sometimes, but she finally made her way to Hollyweird, in the form of Dirk, Jet, Barea, Kidd, 3pt bombs and Co.

  57. Anonymous says:



  58. phenor jenkins says:

    anon, obviously ur dumb. If they don't count championships in a 10 team formant and no cap they wouldn't count those. We would be way ahead in rings tho.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Stop with that "WE" crap. You're not making the Lakers feel any better knowing that a phony Laker fan is pretending to be part of the team!

  60. Anonymous says:

    @phony balogna penis, Where's the 3peat at??

  61. phenor jenkins says:

    You guys forgetting the lakers were in 3 straight finals...Not a easy task to do.

  62. .chuckT. says:

    QD W/THE BOOOMMMMBB!! lmfaoooo!!!!

    Jenks - i already knew it was you from Lakernation. i saw your little comment telling your laker pals to troll celticslife articles.. really dude? smh - thats ridiculous. and we had some pretty mutual conversations in the past. (ABCD) wtf man.

    you arent winning any battle here, so you might as well hop over back to your site. Celtics ARE STILL IN THE PLAYOFFS - lakers are back in the studio making a new script for next season. Im sure Derek Fisher will act out his part VERRRY well!
    -that was gonna be my closing argument, but i wanna stick around =D

  63. tb727 says:

    Phenor than toss out all your titles pre-1953 when segregation was still in play!

  64. Anonymous says:

    Did you forget how the refs helped the Lakers advance in 2002?

  65. phenor jenkins says:

    @anonymous, where banner 18 at? My guess is you wont see another ring in another 20+ years. Look how long it took you to win one until 08.

  66. phenor jenkins says:

    i am such a faggot. i troll this site all the time cause lakernation sucks.

    i dream about Bynums cock in my ass hole - it might hurt but i dont care, i love hollywood men.

  67. tb727 says:

    And I'm not sure why the 1960s ones wouldn't count when 1 of the 10 teams was....the Lakers.

    Flaker fans have selective memories.

  68. phenor jenkins says:

    Anonymous another celtic excuse, you weren't even involved in that damn. You guys whine about about everything. oh and ABCD, how about a match of online pool TLN vs CelticLife.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Where's the 3peat at? Yes it took Boston 22 years to get their 17th title. During that span it was true LA won a lot. But they STILL haven't caught up to Boston. Just shut up you dookie stain. lol

  70. phenor jenkins says:

    ROFL @ this idiot on my name.

  71. .chuckT. says:

    LMFAOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @anon - dookie stain..

  72. phenor jenkins says:

    Anonymouse, that's because celtics won there titles in a weak 10 team format with no salary cap.

  73. Anonymous says:

    LOL, phenor trying to deny that he's gay when there's proof right there!

  74. Anonymous says:


    Does that sound familiar ma'am?

  75. phenor jenkins says:

    ya i heard plenty from celtic fans.

  76. .chuckT. says:

    ohh..jenks - we all werent even around waayy back then. its done. its over. we have the greatest champion in sports from that time (Bill Russell).

    LOL - all of your arguments seem to just smack you right in the face..=D

  77. Anonymous says:

    @phenor nope, your the one making excuses. Stop bitching and go have your period already, my goodness!!!

  78. ZC says:

    Look...doesn't matter if Lebron got away with that call or not. What irks me was how that final play of the regulation went down in flames. What happened there? It's more than just a botched play, it's about communication breaking down. You can clearly see PP getting frustrated.

    And to the fakers fans who say, "oh we're gonna rebuild faster than celtics did LOL. at least we didn't take 17 years LOL"...

    Lakers got swept. Deal with it. Enjoy your summer of hating.

  79. phenor jenkins says:

    30 team format with salary cap titles >> 10 team format with no salary cap. NUFF SAID>

  80. .chuckT. says:

    anon is slapping the FUCK out of jenks..lol

  81. tb727 says:

    If anything the competition was STRONGER when there was 10 teams since there was no overexpansion or watered-down NBA product. Imagine the league cut down to 120 players today from 450, how much stronger the competition would be and how much more challenging it'd be to win a title?

  82. Anonymous says:

    @phenor Stop making excuses GEORGE W. BUSH!!!

  83. QD says:

    Hey Jenks, I just went to lakernation, they need you back. They're discussing replacing the whole team again, like they did right after the SWEEP. Talk about not being real fans.

    I can't wait til next years PO's, to see the new NBA Commercials. The basketball talking about how he got tired of the Mavs players throwing him into the hoop from 20+ feet out and watching the Lakers players stand there with those confused looks on their faces... should make for some good tv.

  84. .chuckT. says:

    why are you trying to make excuses for the C's championships back then?! what the hell? are you just mad cause Russell & Hondo dominated Wilt & West? huh?!
    Just like KG owns Gasol!? awww yes thats it

  85. phenor jenkins says:

    It would be impossible to 8-peat in todays league.... Longer playoff rounds, more traveling. If you really think it is harder to win in a 10 team format with no salary cap then in a 30 team format with a salary cap then ur plain dumb. all ur rings were in the weak era.

  86. Anonymous says:

    Fun fact - Did you know Phil Jackson came to the Lakers organization a season after they were swept in the playoffs by the Spurs? Bet you didn't know that phenor, you looney helper monkey!

  87. .chuckT. says:

    ahh goodness..im done w/this.
    jenks wont leave. he'll probably be here in the morning. and probably during the game cause he has no Laker game to watch unless he is watching a rerun of the Mavs Lakers series on nbatv..lol

    Goodnight fellow C's fans. lol

  88. phenor jenkins says:

    Anonymous you just proved phil's greatness as the greatest coach. As a laker fan, of course i knew that.

  89. Anonymous says:

    Came in after a sweep, then retired after a sweep. Sad way to go if I do say so myself.

  90. tb727 says:

    Hmmm that's why Michael was a baseball stint away from possibly 8-peating himself? You just proved what an idiot you are.

    Now start telling us how Bean is better than MJ haha.

  91. tb727 says:

    Is lakersnation.com still counting down the games until they win the championship this year lol? That was a cool banner as a headline, what is it 12 more wins?

  92. Beantown says:

    phenor jenkins said...
    anon, obviously ur dumb. If they don't count championships in a 10 team formant and no cap they wouldn't count those. We would be way ahead in rings tho.

    ^^^You can tell the real fans from the fake ones when they don't even know their own team's history... 9 of the Lakers titles came when they were in Minneapolis...hence the name "Lakers." Maybe we should also add that the Celtics beat the Lakers 6 times during that "10 team format." Lakers fans are by far the most delusional fanbase in sports.

  93. Anonymous says:

    Ignorant Laker fan coming in here trying to start crap. Then he gets owned, and embarrassed by EVERYONE here. LOL

  94. ZC says:

    "If you really think it is harder to win in a 10 team format with no salary cap then in a 30 team format with a salary cap then ur plain dumb. all ur rings were in the weak era."

    Now he's coming up with excuses. YAWN. If I really think about it, you should just leave this conversation right now.

    "Anonymous you just proved phil's greatness as the greatest coach. As a laker fan, of course i knew that."

    I'll admit his greatness in bringing the players together to work towards a common goal, but I won't admit that winning those rings was part of his greatness. As another anon has said, "I'll like to see him try his Zen shit with the Clippers."

  95. Anonymous says:

    HAHA..phenor jenkins' 2peat is soooooo epic.LOL

  96. Jeniel says:

    damn... how can you make another step after the jump-stop. he did it twice in that game If i'm not mistaken..

  97. GreenBlood23 says:

    I knew from the start that this game was going to be influenced by the refs. Opening foul by Wade on KG, you could actually hear the sound of Wade hitting KG on the head and it was just a normal foul. Couple of possessions later, with JO fouling James and he actually made play on the ball and it was called flagrant and 1. One possession = 5 points! and all of a sudden they're back on the game. With the weak mentality of the Heat, us going up huge in that 1st qrt and they would've just given up!

    With the Lakers already kicked out of this, I'm sure its going to be arranged for Miami and Dallas to appear in the finals, unfortunate for the other teams more deserving than Miami. Makes sense for the $$$$NBA$$$$.

    Celtics is still there though, but they have to win big so that official influence can be taken out. They've already gave Miami twice, 5point possessions this series!

  98. Anonymous says:

    Phenor dick suck, Kobe the Bitch aint ever having 6 rings, and shall never be JORDAN, FUCK YOU AND THE Lakers, 3 Peat my ass
    Celtics All day bitch

  99. Anonymous says:

    yo Phenor, way to end the dynasty with a SWEEP!!!!!

    4-0 Damn, Kobe couldnt do shit

    Lamar Scrotum should be suspended for 10 games next season, and Ron Artesticle should just go rap like he wanted to


  100. sach says:

    @phenor! dude gotta hand tis out to u. wait i don even know if i shud i be callin u "dude" after all! haha you faggot! ask kobe to itch ur hairy butt coz tats all theyd wana do now after losing to dirk! CELTICS FOR LIFE!

  101. Anonymous says:

    Fuck you phenor and fuck the gaykers, go suck Kobe's dick bitch
    ohh yea you already have

  102. Doug says:

    Dude, my friend's dog's name is Phenor. Enough said.

  103. Anonymous says:

    this was not as bad as Ginobili's travel on a game winning shot against the Bucks... get used to it- star players get away with things like this every now and then!

  104. Charles says:

    Unfortunately, I don't have video but Wade traveled during the game as well. It happened when he stole the ball from KG I believe. After the theft, he dribbled once, gathered the ball in one hand, switched it to the other and started dribbling again. Not to mention the two steps he took while passing the ball between his hands.

  105. @phenor jenkins Dude, you must be pretty smug from what you said about the celtics. Here's the thing: no one gives a shit about you. So, put your fucking boner away and listen: You can either stop this nonsense and walk away with your pride, or continue it and look like a fuck head. Your choice

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