I love watching the Heat fans turn on their own players.  Last game, LeBron was the best thing since sliced bread.  Tonight they don't even want to buy his jersey and he doesn't deserve a ring.  I'm sure if I looked in the dictionary under bandwagon, Heat fans would be one of the definitions.  Loved the Bosh press conference.  That is classic, as opposed to classless like LeBron calling a reporter retarded.   And I can't believe that the Heat fans are complaining about officiating when at the time, the Heat had taken 14 free throws to 6 for the Celtics.  It evened up later, but the Heat still took more free throws even though the Celtics were the more aggressive team and drove to the hoop all night while the Heat settled for jumpers.  And they have the nerve to call the Celtics dirty after their own team's thuggish play.  There's a reason that the Celtics guards are all getting hurt.  Good win for the Celtics.  Enjoy today's Comments!   What's your favorite?   

This is it... If we win this game their spirits will officially be broken. I want a sweep! Lets do this!

Does anyone think that Shaq's possible return could be as much of a boost for us as it is for them mentally? I could see Wade and Bosh both using his presence to get a little extra fire in the belly.

Score of MIA-BOS series when Glen Davis & Joel Anthony are both on floor (47 min):
Heat 83 - Celtics 52

Glen Davis is a truly terrible player, and painful to watch. It's hilarious to watch him jiggle and pump-fake his way to layups in traffic, with a bunch of Heat defenders completely baffled about whether (and how) to block his weak-but-somehow-works shot or just back away from the horror of it all.
His defense is even worse, about the only thing he has working for him is that he he's a "gross guy defender"... You know what I'm talking about, that greasy guy in a pick-up game that shuts you down because you're so disturbed by his mere presence in your general vicinity.

Make no mistake, MIA will win this series, the only question left is whether or not we’ll sweep BOS or take them in 5.

We'll win this game because the Celtics are too old and too broken to challenge our big 3.  

Am I the only one who will find more satisfaction out of destroying CHICAGO than the old Celts? I mean...I really can't wait for that shish.

I got a great feeling on this game. I believe Boston is a better road team than a home team. Heat are on a mission.

Hopefully Joel wont be intimidated by Shaq's old, fat self.

There's blood in the water and I doubt either of our 2 superstars allow Boston to regain any type of confidence, they know what to do

I am a lot less worried about Shaq providing some 'spark' to the Celtics after all this time without playing basketball, as I am worried about him committing hard fouls on our star players. He's got nothing to lose by missing any time from a suspension or getting thrown out and neither does his team. I can guarantee you Rivers has instructed him to put Wade/LeBron on the floor if they even touch the paint.

Shaq playing is a plus for us simply because his conditioning isn't in playoff form...With that said I don't think he plays much if so run his arse to the ground.

We have to overcome bad officiating and win this game. That's what champions do.

Yo Shaq.....take care when you take the floor, don't want you limping back to the bench!

Shaq used to be my favorite player. Then he left because we sucked basically. I kinda lost respect for him then.

Gotta lose respect for anyone that goes from Lakers to Celtics.

First awful call of the night goes to Boston, not surprised. Pierce was hit while he was on the floor, shouldn't be getting free throws.

The refs are completely just swallowing the whistle

I can smell the home-cooking from here.

And there goes the calls for those crybaby haters.

Bibby is just **** awful, he's no good on the floor.

Bibby is just playing scared. He needs to stay calm. Rondo is a bitch. No need to be scared of him.

Rachel Ray couldn't put together home-cookin' like this.

Celtics: ultimate bunch of anoying dirty **** like trying to poke people in the eye how f'n dirty can be

Holy crap, that big statue just moved... Oh wait. That was Shaq.

We are getting hacked and no calls this cant continue

Shaq tries to back up and post up
Shaq realizes he is 40 years old
Shaq passes it out to Flop Pierce with 1 second to go
24 second violation

Great job by the Celtics to take advantage of the officiating.

Rondo is doing a great job of taking advantage of the officiating the past two games. He's just been falling down on his own will and the refs are rewarding him.

God I knew this game would be like this. No calls at all

Rondo took a cheap shot on LeBron, no call.

Love our offense. Give the ball to Lebron for 20 seconds then a jumper. Championship basketball there.

Shaq already looks so winded and still hurt. He just needs to hang it up after this year please. Don't lets us remember you as a old man who wouldn't go away.

Hate when Rondo plays basketball like it's soccer

How does lbj getaway with the shoving so much..is that legal..I know he's trying to create space..but he pushes away his defender

Even at his advanced age and injured shaq is too big and dominant. Joel looks like a midget next to him.

Boston fouls piling up, nice 3 on Ray

Not so young are you Boston. There trying to get fast breaks like us.

This team is playing so damn dirty? 3 Pokes in the eyes and nothing is being called?

What kind of bull are these Celtics doing? What a bunch of dirty thugs.

Wow the refs are blowing the whistle now

That's all part of the plan, so when we get no calls in the 2nd half the number will look "balanced".

Delonte West scares me. The guy always seems to hit a key shot.

Shaq's first minutes didn't help them and he looked like total garbage.

Why is the crowd so quiet? At least when the Heat's crowd is quiet it's cause no one is there yet what's their excuse?

Is it me or are there a lot of unusually long pauses on every dead ball this game? As if the refs are waiting for the Celtics to catch their breath

Thank God Allen is in foul trouble, hes the most dangerous Celtic.

KG playing pretty darn good so far.

Boston fans must be pulling their hairs on the calls so far

Lets not kid ourselves KG I a beast, always has been. Hard for anyone to stop him when he is aggressive even though he is past his prime.

West is most annoying player of all time.

The Celts had a heck of a speech at halftime apparently. I"m still waiting for Pierce to pull out the wheelchair though

Anyone else tired of Bosh?

Wow Bosh is scared... You can see it now. Its in his head. Sad.

Bosh is **** killing us. What a pathetic basketball player.

Spo has to be the stupidest coach in the league, what a **** moron.

Wade with the powerbomb on Rondo

Wade, you may have just saved us.

Its Rondo's fault for hacking him, ****. Rondo's done!!

Rondo got his acting skills from pierce.

I take back what I just said... HOLY cow

That looked like it hurt...WOW!

And that is why Wade is the man

If I see a wheelchair :/.

They wanted to play dirty. Sad to see a man go down like that but Karma is a real bitch.

That was a dirty play by Rondo btw. Did he you see he intentionally drove his right elbow into Wade? Yet somehow Wade got the foul call. Rondo got injured for being dirty. Karma's a bitch.

And now if the Celtics lose the series everyone will say, well they lost Rondo in game 3!!!!

Why can't Spo get injured instead?

Am sure lebron or wade will go down in the next play...broken legs perhaps..

Stop with the karma crap. No one deserves injuries. Christ, what is wrong with some of you.

Prepare for Rondo Wheel Chair act to come out tonight. I just know it...

Bull ****, he is done for the series

Rondo is boneless

This game is about to get ugly wade watch ur back. They're gonna get him on the fast break.

Wade is pissing Boston off.

Allen is flopping all over the damn place and trying to buy a call. Give me a break.

Old men falling down and crying about it.

No doubt rondo being injured will have an effect but I almost feel like west has been playing better anyway. Dude isn't missing his shots and keeps coming up big.

Old Men Can't Jump!

Rondo is back on the bench... Wants to return; ain't happenin. Moral support no doubt. Gotta admire that

Dammit Rondo is fine. I was hoping we could have stolen a win next game without him.

Pierce living up to the "Boston is old stereotype"

The Pierce who cried wolf Sorry Paul, no one believes you this time

Rivers is running the same plays over and over. Are we ever gonna figure that out?

Forget this, I hope we lose this series. I do not want to go far this year if it means Spo will get a new contract.

I'll bet Candace Parker could beat Bosh by 50 points in 1 on 1

Man Celtics might win this game, but good grief, lets hope they can field enough players for next game.

LeBron is playing incredibly dumb and selfish

It's like LeBron doesn't even care.

Boston has a lot of momentum on their side.ABC is even going to break,playing Celtic music...SIGH

What will tomorrow's headlines be,in regards to Boston looking old?

We better win game 4 or I think we lose this series.

Rondo is a PhD Flopper

I am sorry but Lebron is not a competitor. This guy all game has just settled for the jumper.

Tonight I see why everyone says what they do about Lebron.

Lebron is showing me why I will never buy a jersey of his.

Our offense sucked today, led by LeBron James and Dwyane Wade's selfishness and unwillingness to pass the ball. They looked more concern with being the stars tonight than looking to make the right play.

Can someone please edit my sig picture and take Bosh out? I am done supporting this coat rack.

How can you let a one-handed man take the ball up? Spo is a stupid man, why not send a double to try and steal the ball? No, he just let us leave Rondo alone with one arm.

Riley should cut big Z right now to make sure he'll never be used again

Get rid of LeBron. Bring back Yakhouba Diawara.

Great.... We're losing to a team that has a guy with one freakin arm

Why don't we bring in Magloire and use hack and Shaq?

They'll just hack LeBron and even it out that way.

I say we try to play the foul game with Rondo right now. If he really can only use one arm, make an already horrible free throw shooter go to the line and shoot em with one arm.

Spo reveals Chris Bosh has a "slightly pinched nerve in his neck."

Well, I guarantee that in addition to that "slightly pinched nerve," he's going to have a slightly jammed foot up his ass if he continues playing the way he did today.

Kill yourself Bosh.

I know one thing though. After this season I fully expect Charmin to sign Bosh to an endorsement.

The only thing left to do is to pick the national meme for tomorrow:
1-Despite 'old' legs, Boston shows that you can turn youthful again with "heart" and the "toughness of a champion" (or 50+ percent 3 pt shooting)
2-Shaq makes a huge difference on the court for the C's (+/- of 0 for the game, which will surely be overlooked)
3-LeBron quits again in Boston
4-Heat can't win unless refs are giving them 35 foul shots

"Celtics right back in this series" there it is, get used to it, That's all we will be hearing the next 2 days

No doubt that this is all on Spo tonight. He got away with that Bibby/Z lineup to start the game, then played with fire, started the 3rd quarter with that lineup again, and got burned.

Yeah, you're right. It's Spo who told LeBron to suck. Wade to stink. Bosh to be a pussy. James Jones to miss everything. Miller and Bibby to run from the ball. Z to suck ass. Yeah, 100% right.

Lebron James DOES NOT deserve a ring. Even though I have followed him since his rookie year, nothing's changed, he does not have the IT.

No in game adjustments wth. What is the new plan to stop KG? Joel cant guard him, Bosh cant guard him.

ERIC SPOLESTRA press conference is making me want to attempt murder. THIS guys talks like a 5 year old baby and calling KG Kareem-Abdul Jabbar PLEASE Spolestra leave the conference and go home and go to sleep

I really can't stand this Boston team. Rondo with his Willis reed performance, I mean honestly no one guards you any way so its not that big a deal.

Anyone feel Rajon Rondo did what Paul Pierce did 2 years ago when he was taken out onwheelchair and 10 minutes later came back to win the game ?

Nah, they said they had to pop his elbow back in. Props to him for coming back.

Rondo's elbow folded in the opposite direction like a lawn chair. Didn't look like an act to me.

The Bosh press conference went something like this -
"How'd you get the pinched nerve in your neck?"
"I woke up"
"You woke up with a twinge in your neck?"
"Yeah, um, somethin' like that"
long silence
Bosh exits

This Heat team, its almost disgusting some times to watch how they just walk around and "go through the motions" sometimes. i dont understand.

watch how suddenly LeBron is all fired up and running up and down the court and trying hard again when he's back in Miami on wednesday. this team is bipolar.

The Heat are frontrunners. It's not that complicated

Lebron called a reporter at the interviw retarded when she asked Wade something about fans thinking he was a dirty player.

They figured out what we were doing and adjusted, Doc told his players to stop talking about it and do it. Doc told KG to be more aggressive and take about 20 shots, he did Doc told Rondo to be more aggressive and speed the game up - he did What adjustments did we actually make?

Why the hell did a 1-armed man even score last night? If a guy has one arm, you challenge him everytime he has the ball. WTF were we doing? We quit the entire **** second half. How does Rondo even get the ball past halfcourt? These are **** professionals, and they let a one-armed man score and assist on them. They quit the entire **** second half. This is unexcusable.

The C's didn't win this game, we lost this game.

FLCeltsFan 5/08/2011 12:26:00 PM Edit
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22 Responses so far.

  1. GreenBlood23 says:

    Biggest bunch of bandwagoners. Cried coz they didn't get their 35 fts.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Heat fans and Athletes are despicable, can't wait when we send em fishing at the end of the series, Celtics FTW!!

  3. Jen says:

    "Rondo flopped."
    Oh, yes, because Rondo was definitely on the court thinking "you know, a quarter left in arguably the most important game so far of the season, and I think it'd really be a great time to bend my arm OVER MY ELBOW and dislocate it, because I happen to have the magical ability to do that without actually injuring myself."

    Yep, makes sense.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Holy crap, that big statue just moved... Oh wait. That was Shaq.

    Well, I guarantee that in addition to that "slightly pinched nerve," he's going to have a slightly jammed foot up his ass if he continues playing the way he did today.
    Those two make me laugh, but those about Rondo's "acting job" are just blindly ignorant. Unbelievable who's wasting oxigen on this planet.

  5. ThaNoS says:

    This is so typical. Why dont we ever make such lame comments ??? ??? ???

  6. Anonymous says:

    We are classy enough not to :)

  7. I would have to say all of the Bosh comments and his post gam interview was soo funny...especially this one
    Well, I guarantee that in addition to that "slightly pinched nerve," he's going to have a slightly jammed foot up his ass if he continues playing the way he did today.

    Way too hilarious :)

  8. Rondo's #1 Fan, those were my favorites too. The Bosh press conference was hilarious.

  9. LBJ da King says:

    We lead 2-1, still have hca and Rondo is luckily injured. The Heat are gonna win this series easily!

  10. Liam says:

    "Shaq used to be my favorite player. Then he left because we sucked basically. I kinda lost respect for him then."
    I bet LeBron is his favorite player now..

  11. Anonymous says:

    The Bosh comments are truly hilarious:

    I know one thing though. After this season I fully expect Charmin to sign Bosh to an endorsement.

  12. Anonymous says:

    BOS can still hold up against the HEAT! Go Celtics!

  13. Blue and Green says:

    Unlike 'that' team, Celtics responded the right way to an 0-2 hole: like champs. The other 'champs' are too busy being soft and having 'trust issues'.

  14. gosia says:

    i cant fuckin believe they have the audacity to even use words such as 'bad officiating' or 'karma'.
    and i thought knicks' fans were a freakin joke. If there's a bigger bunch of losers in this world than miami heat 'fans'.. i dont even wanna know. patheticness of epic proportions

  15. Anonymous says:

    i remembered the phrase, "karma's a bitch" was last used by LBJ and they were showered with injuries in the succeeding games.

  16. George says:

    Guys,we have only won one game so far,so dont stop believing in the Celtics,and at the same time dont bark out until we've reached the summit.GO C'S!!

  17. DH says:

    Wow, I can't believe the number of Heat fans that believed Rondo was faking an injury when his arm was clearly dislocated.

    I like this statement after the fans were complaining about Spo's coaching:

    "Yeah, you're right. It's Spo who told LeBron to suck. Wade to stink. Bosh to be a pussy. James Jones to miss everything. Miller and Bibby to run from the ball. Z to suck ass. Yeah, 100% right"

  18. HeatFan says:

    MRI is negative. He was clearly fakining. 'It's broken'! Get outta here.

  19. Anonymous says:

    FAKING ?!?! Are you stupid ? Did you see the 100th replay from all angles ? Heat fans I swear .....

  20. fuckmiami says:

    @Heatfan you are too stupid to insult.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Heat Fan, I'll never get tired of wishing you ill and hope that DWade takes you down and breaks your elbow.

  22. bandlt234 says:

    "I'll bet Candace Parker could beat Bosh by 50 points in 1 on 1"


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